Looking for: Drilling out slot for tritium vial

Looking for a trusted member to drill the slot for, and install a tritium vial in my Incendio V3. I would be paying for shipping to, and back of course, and need a quote for the price as well.

This is the light:

Now, the walls are not incredibly thick so I would need the person doing this to message me back after receiving the light to let me know options for where they are able to install the vial on the light.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: forgot to mention, I would also be supplying the tritium vial as well. It is 1.5x6mm.

I have not machined tritium slots yet, but it does not look difficult. Where do you want the vial or vials to go? Do you have an idea how thick the metal is there? Are you going to install them yourself or would I be doing that?

I saw his work on that Dam light! I am sure this would be a breeze for him!

Bucket, If it would help, I may have some used trit tubes & a body I can send you to practice with. I am changing some colors out of one of my Tains next week. I can mail the old trits for measuring and a body from a Ultra Fire C8 and you can practice with it? PM me if you would like me to do that. Of course thats assuming I get them out with out breaking them! lol

Good luck with that, they’re so delicate. If they’re held in with glue i’ve found acetone to be good for softening it before cutting them out very gently with a scalpel blade.

You should also provide details for the position and placement of the tritium vial.

I'm game. I'll PM you.

Oh, no! My wife is not going to be pleased with this development. I have been entertaining the idea of adding tritium to the button of my Cypreus, in a triangle. Of course I have not measured to see if that would fit. I will be following this thread for sure.

I don’t have the curing lamps or UV glue or anything to install the tritium vial myself.

This is where I would like the slot drilled for the tritium vial:

I have no idea how thick the metal is. It seems like it would be fine for installing a tritium vial while not going through, but I’m not sure. I have not seen any pictures online of a vial installed into one of these.

Send it to Djozz, he can tell you exactly how thick the metal would be :smiley:

I don't have those either. The glue isn't too bad to obtain. I'm wondering if something like this could cure it...


Since you're only installing one small vial, from personal experience, sunlight is sufficient. Once the trit is installed with U.V. curing adhesive, you can just place the Incendio on a window sill to let the adhesive set within 1-2 minutes and cure over 24 hours. Also, as a convenient, locally available option to Norland adhesive, you can use Super Glue Glass Adhesive ($3.99) found at craft stores such as HobbyLobby. More than two years after installing a few trits using S.G.G.A., it's still as clear as the day I installed the trits.

was thinking about adding Trits to my Eye10 also !

Thanks for this info!

So actually, I am only looking for the slot to be drilled for the tritium vial. And the slot should only be just larger than the vial so when it cures, it will be flush with the body.

So, Bucket volunteered to mill out the 2 tritium slots I wanted.

I shot him a message, and he gave me his address, and off it went!

I had sent the tritium vials with the light, so he could have a better idea to mill the slots.

Well, he more than delivered. Not only did he mill the slots out for the vials, but he installed the vials too!

Here is some pictures:

Green Vial:

Blue Vial:

Green Vial in dark:

Blue Vial in dark:

The walls were thinner than we thought, so he put in a thin metal sleeve, and it still looks great. 16340 cell still fits just fine.

A HUGE thank you again to Bucket, for stepping up and making this light even more awesome. I have a high CRI XP-G inside and it’s now the perfect bedside light.

Wow, beautiful job! Really adds a great look to the light too.

I know, I was seriously impressed when I got the light back and opened it up. It almost looks like it was made that way to begin with. I’ve had the light for almost exactly 4 years now, so I figured it deserved something special, and it really has the perfect low mode for night time use in my opinion.