Looking for good emergency house flashlights

I am looking to standardize the 'emergency' lamps in our house. I am looking to get 5-6 flashlights and place them throughout the house for when the power goes out. I have a 9YO and a 5YO so they need to be simple enough for them to operate in pitch black.

Any recommendations? They don't have to be LED, but I don't want el cheapo lights either.

Any help would be great!

I would have thought that the lights should be AA based due to cell availability and safety plus have decent runtime. I wouldn't worry about ease of use as kids pick things up quicker than adults.

As regards the batteries I think you should buy rechargeable LSD cells (Low Self Discharge) because these won't drain away while they are siting around and can all be topped up after use or say routinely once a year.

Let's assume you are buying six lights with enough cells to have them all full plus a spare set for each and obviously a charger.

If you can give us a budget we'll be able to make some specific suggestions.

BTW...Welcome to BLF....