Looking for high power thrower

Hi guys

I'm looking for new addition to my collection. I'm interested to have a good thrower this time. Since i already have P7 and multi-cree lights i could try an MC-E led this time. What would be good high power MC-E thrower?

This looks nice:


I read this review but don't like the looks of the flashlight


It looks like too much of a diving light to my taste :)

This also caught my attention, although i'm not familiar with the brand:


Not a budget light but interesting aswell:


Why use 6x18650 ... runtime ?

Is there another benefit than runtime if it uses 2x18650 or 1x18650 configuration ?

According to reviews this is good, and cheap http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.39359

Also a one mode version.

Don has a review here: http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/365

Brted has a review here: http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/417

But may not be a power thrower though, but lots of light.

I would say a P7 would throw better..

Your best bet would be a multi-cree emitter light, that doesn't happen to be the TR-1200. The 501 MCE makes so much light that it throws decently, but it really is a flood light. SST 50/90 lights also an option, given they come with a SMO reflector. Some claim the Aurora SH-40 draws 5A, but not sure if I'd reccomend it.

Even at 1A, the TR-1200 throws qutie well. If you can find something that has better build quality, that might be the one for you. Most people will reccomend you single emitter lights for throw, but if you want the best of both, that's the way to go.

Yes, put out enough light and it'll throw far enough.

Anything capable of 2000+ lumens will throw farther than my eyes are likely to find useful. The true pencil beam throwers can be awkward though fun.

This thread on CPF is going into that just now. Since it is in Budget lights you have to be logged in to see it.

If you want max throw for least price, buy this:


unscrew the bezel and put this in front of it:


Nothing close to $20 will throw better.

The two may not necessarily go hand in hand ... Many low powered lights throw well , simply because the way the light is focused ...

Piritlight , RQ , HS-802 , and many others WF-400 / 500 / 600 etc are good throwers .

But is throw all you want ? What about beam profile ? A pencil tight beam [ HS-802 ] , a slightly wider beam [ RQ ] , or wider again but still throws ?

Almost all of the larger head single die [ XR-E ] lights will throw .

If you have a P60 host , how about 28mm Lens ... Turn it into a thrower

Thanks guys for all the information.

I'll have to rethink this. Maybe i'll have a P60 light because i' don't have one and it would be nice

to mod in future?

Any recommendations for thrower P60 ?

A R2 has better throw than a R5 though this have more light

and a smooth reflector throws better than an orange peal reflector.

I bought this: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5937

and put in a suiteable driver (no modes) and a 16 mm

Cree R2 and I got a real thrower in a P60.

You could also try a flood to throw light as the MXDL SA-28.

Its a very good thrower .

Any P60 host with a lens retaining ring ... Solarforce L2 for example ... http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5297 Optic ....

Make sure you go XR-E R2 ... for max throw ..

i will be quite honest. my best throwing light is a q5. beats my p7 in distance, and is QUITE bright

but its semi-custom


thats my casing. then i use the 14mm q5-wc with the DX 1050ma driver.

this thing will blind someone over 200 yards out. trust me ive done it to people. its deeper OP reflector does the job well

HOWEVER, theres no garuntee at getting an OP reflector. my most recent order, i decided to get another case since i love it so much. i ended up with a smooth reflector.... not happy about that. but im making that one into an R5 with a shiningbeam.com 1.4 amp driver...

if you wait a week or two, ill let you know via pictures the distance on that one

but my best carry on is def this q5. super bright. lasts well over an hour, no modes. and LOTS of throw, with a useable enough spill

oh yea, and it has PLENTY of heat dispersion for a q5. the aluminum is SOLID, not cheap feeling at all. my p60 flashlights ALL feel cheap and lightweight!!!!! even loaded with heavy 18650s!