Looking for holster for Jetbeam RRT-01 2020

I am looking for suggestions for a holster for a Jetbeam RRT-01 (2020 version, with two extensions installed).

There are many soft holsters that fit this light available all over the Internet, but I find them to not suit my needs because of how i wear this light in between my keyring and phone holsters. They press in on the light holster and smash it flat whenever the light is out, making it difficult to reholster.

I’m looking for a Bianchi Accumold or similar quality rigid holster that would fit the RRT-01 snugly but not tightly, and it could be with or without the clip installed if that makes it any easier. It could be flapless if a bit tighter, or if looser then definitely with a flap, and I prefer snap closures if possible. I have purchased the Bianchi 7311 compact light holder, but it is just too tight for rapid light removal. And I’m thinking the defensive spray holsters will probably be too large in diameter (though I don’t actually know this from any experience).

I would be very greatful to have any helpful insight from someone who has solved this already to avoid having to research and buy many somewhat pricey holsters I may never use just to find the closest one.

Thank you in advance.