looking for inspection torch for US customs agent

I am looking for a border customs agent ,a light he can use for inspection and tapping on body compartments ,preferably in 18650 format with flood and tatical tail switch,for example he really like my nitecore MT10A but ost a hair small and light for doing cavity searches (taps ) om body panels but he likes the output and tail switch so anything that you guys that can take a living and keep on ticking please chime in .
thanks and Merry Christmas

Customs agent….hum…interesting. No suggestions found :smiley:

It seems to me that he should have the flashlight that he wants, but that he should choose something else for listening to instinctual sounds, something like a piece of oak, or a screw driver handle, something that his ear picks up, something that connects with his hearing sensitivities, his instincts and that he can use throughout his career.

At least mention to him that settling on a flashlight that he can also bang stuff with, might not reach the level of Border Patrol master.

I’d say have a very small Shirt Pocket AAA penlight as an ease-of-carry backup.
The SF-348 is only $6 ( original GB light), and can use 10440 for better output.

I think that all of the SolarForce L2x lights have forward clicky switches, if a P60-type light is acceptable?

I do not know I would be using anything other than C cell MagLite as a "bumper" but Nitecore's SRT lights are popular among law enforcement, as is the P12 for the pocket.

I would go for BLF348 with the Nichia. Flood, clicky as requested, plus the higher CRI really helps spotting things.

There’s a second round going.

I don’t think the 348 is bright enough to be useful or big enough to be comfortable. I like the suggestion of a Solarforce light. I would add to get it from Pflexpro with one of his drop-ins.

Oldie but goodie…. Convoy M1?

Or the PFlexPro version HERE It is fully potted and should stand up to use as anything short of a hammer….

I would have to second a BLF 348 with the Nichia for a back up…

He has one solarforforce LT with a xml2-u3 orange peel ,but that Convoy M1 looks interesting and great option.

Call me biased… I won one of his contests and picked the M1, did a review HERE and have found my new serious duty lights. I also feel confident in buying these for others as the level of build quality is great and backed by Randy, the owner of PFlexPro.

Even a regular M1 is a good light for something like this, but the PFlexPro lights are fully potted and very well put together. Great choice of emitters as well as a bullet proof warranty.