Looking for LED/CFL replacement for linear halogen bulbs

My first encounter with linear halogens is now, that I've rented an apartment, so excuse me if I give unnecessary specs or ask silly questions.

I have two linear halogen bulbs I want to replace with something more power efficient.

One is a 78mm 220-240V 150W bulb, it's a 3-part bulb (3 distinct "bubbles" inside the bulb) and there's KX writing on it. It's in a small hallway and heats too much, making passing or standing near it uncomfortable, and it's also too bright for its purpose.

The other is a 118mm 230V 500W bulb, 4-part. Written on it is OSRAM Haloline 64702. It's in the living room but resides in a lamp with no shielding grill or net, so it's a death trap to all kinds of flying insects (that produce an awful smell when they burn), and it's also too power hungry. It's dimmable but I don't need a dimmer there.

I've found some CFL and LED bulbs that fit these lamps, but they're too expensive and I'm really not sure about their quality.

Do you know of any such replacement bulbs that can fit my needs in terms of light emitted and cost?

Less than a day has passed and I am already at the 3rd page... this forum is too active! ;)

Anyone has an answer for me?

Afraid not, but I'd be interested to hear too.

Sounds like the previous person was a light addict too.

Well gee.....It's not that I was ignoring your thread, but I didn't want to clutter it up with useless stuff like "What's a linear halogen bulb?"

No problem Tas62, you're right - maybe pictures will help:

Linear halogen: http://www.lightbulbs-direct.com/product/1431/k1-240v-halogen-tube-117mm-500w/

Linear halogen CFL replacement: http://www.lightbulbs-direct.com/product/2860/megaman-4p425i-cfl-r7s-24w-warm-white/

prices... Halogen is crazy cheap by comparison with a CFL of the same light output and CFL is very cheap compared to a LED

consume... A 20w led do the light of a 30w cfl that is a 130watt halogen ...~

The problem is that with clf you will never have the same output of an halogen forget 500watt xD

and a powerful led is very expensive need a fan or will last less of a cfl.. to don't speak about how big can be a 100W DC transformer..

that is a 78mm cfl


that is 118 mm




I suggest you a cfl at a color temperature of 4000k

LEDs still aren't a cheap solution for domestic light for the concentrate heat in a small die and for the DC current that needs..

This is the bulb with the highest wattage (40W) I've found: http://www.keyarthk.com/Keyart_Industries_Ltd./Lamp/Pages/40W_118mm_R7S_CFL.html

But I can't find it anywhere for sale, and it's still way dimmer than the 500W halogen I currently have...

Maybe I'll just install some 70W or 100W fluorescent instead of the current lamp and get it over with. Should cost less than the R7S CFL and give more light. Arrgghhh why aren't life simple. :S


i found only that is chinese fab

and that sry italian


you should take dimensions if that can fit..

btw where you get a 100wfluorescent? and that isn't a cfl?

Thanks for the link.

100w fluorescent - not CFL, but a long straight tube, or a combination of some circular ones. My parents have a 72w ceiling lamp that gives good light and is composed of two circular fluorescent bulbs, a 32w and a 40w. It cost less than 50$ some years ago and only needed bulb replacement once, and that was fairly cheap also.

I'm confused.. cfl aka compact fluorescent lamp...

Mod: ah u mean change all the lamp not the bulb sry

Btw you are right, replacing your 500watts halogen with a fluorescent will save your bill and the earth ;)

500watts are for photography cinema or stadium xD

As far as I know, CFL refers only to bulbs of this kind:

Fluorescent bulbs in general (and mostly for higher wattage) look like this:

yes yes sry my english sux I read fast and miss your wish of change the whole lamp

ty for the dumb-proof exposition xD

for me 1 ceiling cfl lap of 25w is enough for a room of 5x6m

btw never seen fluorescent lamp of 100watts maybe is for offices industries etc..

I noticed these at eBay some time ago:


If my 45w CFLs are any basis for comparison, this thing is gigantic. Just look at the tiny E27 base... :)

It is an awful lot better than my Italian!

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Si tratta di un sacco meglio di quanto il mio italiano!