Looking for LED light bar or front end lighting for tractor

My friend recently bought a tractor to use on his large property. He is looking for something along the lines of a LED light bar to use to flood the area with light as he plows snow etc. in the dark.

Is there any thing that you guys can recommend? He is thinking budget cost. So if you can recommend me a LED light bar or just a floody light source that he could wire up to the tractor, that would be awesome!

The setup has to work in –40c temps that we get here in winter. Lol.

I had thought about using one of the bike lights with the battery packs but I think it’d be better to have it wired directly to the tractor.

Thanks for any help BLF’ers!

this thread might interest him :stuck_out_tongue:

If it's for a tractor, all led bars and other led assemblies are way expensive. Does he really want to go that way? For the price of a led bar he could buy a full array of cheap halo auxiliary lights and mount them all around like a christmas tree!

Anyway lately I have seen led work headlamps for tractors to pop up on farm equipm. catalogs at decent prices, probably they don't have the latest fancy uber-power emitters, but worth trying.

Have not seen from real yet, so dunno how much adv.lumens compare to reality and quality of beam.

look at these:



or just search ebay for "led work light 12v 24v"

This company has a few options, I’m thinking of some for my landcruiser.


I think there is a problem with leds in wintertime.They do not generate enough
heat so the lights will be covered with ice.


Completely depends on fixture design. LED’s make lots of heat - they just don’t direct it out the lens like other light sources - they direct it into the heat-sink/base. If the fixture is designed well, enough of that heat can be moved forward to near the lens where it can easily melt ice…


Thanks for all of the awesome help so far!!

The tractor will be stored indoors when not in use so ice build up is not much of a concern

Hi there, I’m bumping this thread because I need a led bar to fit on my motorcycle.
I already have two spot underneath the engine (each side) which work quite well. They are wired to the high beam so no problem of blinding other users on the road.
I was thinking of replacing them as they are ugly…and maybe a single 6” led bar hold just under my original light would be nice.
What do you thik of this one ? It really looks like the IlluminationSUpply one but way cheaper and no 25€ shipping fee too !
Here is the actual setup :

30 degree spot ? That sounds like a work lamp. Good bicycle lamp?

There are two versions, 30 and 90 degrees. I would choose the second one.
EDIT : bicycle light could be grat but motorcycle voltage is about 12V

Yeah, if you’re working with a ten-foot pole! 8) 30° probably would be good for a fast bicycle. I tried a 60° TIR for my EDC and find it to be plenty “throwy” for a work-at-arms-length light.

Not shilling, but for this application as well as the motorcycle, has anyone had any experience with the Elliptical TIR Optics ?

Here’s a tip for your cold friend: Install the bar so you can detach it & plug it into a wire inside the cabin after the sun comes up! A long-enough wire so he can turn it on & stuff it inside his coat. At 3A it will keep him quite warm during the day.

Don’t forget to “wrap that rascal”!!! Despite all the “cool, efficient LED” hype, if it gets bright enough to be useful, it’s going to get hot enough to be dangerous.

Ice? If he adds a mount so it can sit against the oil pan or the diesel tank (making it/them into a giant heat-sink), that would help him get the tractor cranked in the morning! Darned useful, these modern LEDs!