Looking for led light with motion sensor


I am looking for inside house small spotlights that will switch on if movement.
I would like spotlights to use battery power (less wires…)
Any one have a suggestion what I am looking? :slight_smile:

Thanks for answers

I bought a motion sensor light at Lidl (EU food chain) a month ago. Paid about $9 and was not pleased,terrible blue tint.

Seen a battery sensor spot at Ikea but will not spend more money.
My next try will be a USB sensor light with separate battery pack.
More ideas anyone?

Did saw that few months ago and put it in my wishlist.
But not ordered, so I can’t say if any good or not.

Thanks for answers. I will try this one (based on good reviews at banggood)

More suggestions welcome!

EDIT, this is the same light posted above, as I was posting.

I have one of these as part of my prepper lights, it seems OK when I have tested it.

You should give some thought to how long you want the light to stay on when triggered.

I’ve had excellent results (in the US) from dorcydirect.com

Look for their usual 20 percent discount code
Not long ago I pointed to their 2-for-1 sale on motion sensor lights, in the Deals thread. That might still be going on.

They have excellent support when you buy direct from them.
The one time so far that I had something from them fail — a heavy outdoor 3xD motion sensor LED light — it was because I dropped it while up on the ladder trying to put it in a tree.
It bounced in a leaf pile — and quit working. I told them honestly what happened and they sent me a new one, no charge. Can’t find that kind of support most places nowadays.

Yeah it’s all made in China. But they are picky about the quality of the stuff they get and sell.

I take apart the motion sensor lights we use and put sheets of yellow/orange Roscolux color correction film over the LEDs, if I can’t swap the LEDs (usually the case).

I also bought a motion sensor light at Lidl (in Belgium), and it also has that terrible blue tint.
It came with 8 AAA batteries for 5,99 Euro (that is less than the price of 8 AAA batteries in Belgium).
Why that light uses 8 batteries is a bit of a mystery, because there are 4 batteries in series on each side, and the 2 sets are connected in parallel.
It would be better with 4 AA batteries, the licht could be more compact, replacing the batteries would be much cheaper, and 4 AA batteries have more capacity than 8 AAA batteries…

It was cheap (considering the 8 AAA alkaline batteries), but i certainly would not recommend it because of the “blue” light that shines in a narrow spot.
Maybe i will try to replace the leds with better ones…

I have that banggood 8 led one from post three, but I only used the PIR part to switch a relay which enlightens my clothescabinet after opening.

The LEDs are cool white 5mm strawhat
It’s powered through 2xAAs but I use only a single 14500.

> that banggood 8 led one from post three

I got a couple of those and hated the emitters and found the ones I have drained batteries fast.
I’d love to tear them apart — what kind of relay did you use, and what kind of closet light?

I simply used a cheap 5V relay I had laying around. Poked inside the light with a DMM to find a spot which gets voltage when the LEDs are activated and soldered it in. Desoldered a lot of the leds.
With the relay I switch a 18650 with nanjg1.4A, from the driver I have some wires going to nichia119 glued to a piece of scrapmetal. I have two circuits which both last a long time before I have to recharge them.

I am sure I would do it better today but it works so I never changed it.

Today I would probably use one of the cheap PIR modules and would hook it up to a flashlight driver…

I use one of these in my laundry room at home. http://www.ebay.com/itm/15-LED-Motion-Sensor-Detector-Security-Wireless-Night-Light-Lamp-Hallway-3M-20s-/271310653457?hash=item3f2b600811:g:wM0AAOSwiLdWAA9r

I replaced the led for better tint.

All 15? What replacement did you use? Lot of soldering?

I grabbed a solar-powered MD light from Harbor Freight with looking at the details. I haven’t installed it yet but I did discover that is doesn’t turn completely off- it stays dim till the IR sensor sets it on high+ a decay period. And of course the emitters and the crappy blue ones, as expected. Probably won’t use it as-is, going to figure a way to have only off and high modes if I can.


I removed all 15 original leds and put in 2 of these (or similar)