Looking for my first "big boy" light!

Hi everyone,

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this forum, and have purchased a few single cell lights based off of reviews and feedback from this forum. Now, I am looking to get into the realm of “bigger” lights, and need help deciding what to go with. I really would like something above 4000 lumens, but still having more than 600m of throw.

The lights I have looked at so far are the Sofirn sp70, Acebeam k65, and Astrolux ft03 xhp50.2 (single cell, but seems like it can hold its own??)

Any thoughts are much appreciated!

What is your price range?

I would recommend something like an SP70 indeed, or if you want maximum power with around 600m of throw, then something like the MF01S would be a good bet:

Not wanting to spend more than $100 if possible, so the acebeam isn’t really in my budget…it seems awesome though! I also do want quite a bit of throw, which is why I thought of the sp70 and ft03. Are these two comparable to each other or is one throwier?

That’s not an Acebeam, that is an Astrolux MF01S, and you can get it for under 100$ with coupons.

How will you be using it? The ThruNite Catapult v6 is well built for rough handling. The stainless steel bezel helps. It is $60 US shipped with codes. Rated for 750m, but they say to expect about half the rating on all these throwers. The nw is nice if you have a lot of brush or thick forest. I am new and am not familiar with the other lights. Check the reviews on your choice. Good luck.

Sofirn SP70! BANG for buck.

MF01S can do over 600m but output drops with the cell voltage. Maybe at about 70% or 80% it’ll start dropping below 600m.

Personally, I’d go with SP70. It can be had for ~$50 sans batteries and gives a lot of light at not so hot temps. I love my mf01s’s but for me they are decorative hot rods. The SP70 is my nightly user and will probably remain so until the BLF edition comes out. Yes, I’m still holding my breath.

Anyone compared the SP70 to the new Convoy L6 with the 70.2?

New Convoy L6 it’s got a slightly smaller head than the Sofirn SP70. Both lights would be a good starting point. Both probably close to a true 4000 lumens.

Thanks for all the input. When I said acebeam I was referring to my original post about the k65, which is definitely out or my budget but seems awesome.

Hearing a lot of good feedback about the sp70: how does it compare to the ft03 xhp50.2? I own the catapult v6 and love it, but am wanting to try a larger light with noticably more output and similar throw. Will the sp70 seem like a step up, or maybe I should just stick with my v6? I suppose you can’t own too many haha.