Looking for my first knife!

Hey folks!

I’m interested in a cool looking knife! Unfortunately I have absolutely no clue…

I saw the Ganzo thread earlier, really liking the looks of those.

Could you advice me any?
How much would I have to pay for a good one?


Not knowing what is legal in your area is a big thing. Any recommendations will have to be checked by you for what you can carry.

A general purpose Ganzo that is neither too big or too small that I really, really like is the G724M. It fits as a good sized blade, but is not so big as to look ridiculous if you use it to open a box. Almost the perfect size. The handle is very secure and comfortable.

I also have a G727 that is bigger than it looks, but being light and slim for its size, carries very easily.

I like the slide bar lock on these as your finger has to get no where near the edge to release the lock. Plus they work with either hand….

Fasttech and Gearbest have these knives, but you can also order from Ebay too. I wouldnt pay more than $25 (US) for either of these shipped. In fact, you should be able to get them for less.

Below 20$ there are a lot of ganzos. In Germany i think are illegal the thumbstuds and probably you must unscrew them if you go out of home with the knife. I do not the laws about the max size of the blade in your country.

The GearBest.com G727M US $12 is a great catch

Die Rechtslage - WaffG und Messer

Looks great! And cheap, I did not expect it to be THAT cheap!

I will order 2.

Just saw it on FT with a carrying bag: https://m.fasttech.com/product/2745902-authentic-ganzo-g724m-or-stainless-steel-folding

Thanks guys!

Sold to the lowest bidder.

Make sure to post your impressions of it when you get it! I have been very impressed with the Ganzo knives so far. My favorite big folder is the G720…

If the knife or object can be opened and locked with one hand (thumb pin(s), thumb hole or similar) you are allowed to own it on private property, your own business property or other, similar private property. You will not be allowed to legally carry it in public.

If detected by German law enforcement (or similar) it would be a misdemeanor, enforceable and you could be fined up to 10,000 EUR (plus seizure of the object).

Typically packages are screened at the airports and ports and are subject to further inspection at the customs office.
Please note that fully automatic knives (OTF) are considered illegal weapons in Germany (no permission to own, carry, buy/sell).

So most of the Ganzos can only be used to open mail and packages :wink:

The law in Germany is a little bit difficult. For example: You are not allowed to own a balisong (often called butterfly in Germany). Knives which are spring assisted are special: If the blade opened from a side and the blade is under 85mm it's legal, if it is a out of the front, it is illegal.

Like xatu wrote: Knives whith could be opened with one hand (with thumbstuds, thumbshole) and additinal have a look are not allowed to go out with (only in a locked . If one of the both points is missing, it's totally legal to go out. If you remove the thumbstud, everything is fine or a knife without a lock (slipjoint).

Max. size of the blade. The german law wrote: If the part outside of the handle is 12cm or longer, it is illegal. It doesn't matter, if the sharp part is shorter.

Thanks for all the infos guys! Ill just remove the thumbstud.

It’s also good to have a gentleman’s knife like the Victorinox Executive or Tinker for times where you’re around people who would be uptight around a knife. Maybe even a tiny fixed blade would be good, too, since it can’t be opened one handed or lock.

Here’s the contents of my small EDC pouch that I usually throw in the truck in addition to whatever I have in my pocket.

Great stuff you got there, Racer!