Looking for my grail 14500. I basically want a Reylight Ti that's narrower

I would love this but I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve been looking for years.

I like the idea of the Reylight Ti Lan but the issue I have with it is it’s too thick… it’s so thick it’s almost as big as some of my 186500 lights so I never carry it.

I love the UI, the output and LED Tint, and pocket clip. It’s just too thick.

Everything else I look at fails in some other category.

Reylight Pineapple? Too heavy and the head tapers out too large.

Lumintop AA Tool? Crap pocket clip and bad LED choice and meh UI.

Thrunite T10 2? Bad switch, ok clip, putting a 14500 in ruins moonlight mode

Eagletac D3a? Great size, get LED (with the nichia) horrible UI, output is meh.

My perfect light is a 15400 that puts out 500 lumens but still has a sub lumen moonlight and it’s a slim 18mm tube (maybe 19mm) and has a good deep carry pocket clip and has a 3500-5000K led with a 90 CRI.

I’m waiting for such a light as well. I swear I was thinking this an hour ago while vacuuming the house lol. I was using my Amutorch AA to see under the couch to suck out the dog toys that were jammed and was annoyed again with the actuation of the switch and the always start on low UI.

Then I thought… You know, Lumintop really loves to milk all of these BLF design lights… Minis, micros, pros, ultra pros, super extra pros… Where is the FW1A mini? Single emitter, 14500, 19mm OD?

And what really makes me scratch my head all the time is when a new AA/14500 light comes out and it’s 21+mm diameter!? Eagletac has their D25LC2, which takes a protected 18650, and it’s ~23mm. The only reason I’d ever give up 18650 capacity is for slim form factor. That means no more than 19mm MAX.

So I hear you JJMcGee. The struggle is real.

Bingo. I have a great Zebralight SC64c or FW3A that I carry when I know I’ll need a light and it’s great for that but to have something to carry for those times when I probably won’t need a light I’d love a nice slim 14500… when they make a 22mm 14500 I’m like, “Why?”

Zebralight made that SC5 and man it’s super cool they got 500 lumens out of a AA but it’s almost as wide as the sc64… so unless you just don’t want to use lihtium why?

Hell if Zebralight can get that many lumens out of a single 1.5v make a 2xAA light that is 19mm and get’s 800-900 and I’d buy the hell out of it.

I’m in the same camp for sure then. I’d like an Aluminum or Titanium FW1A mini. Maybe I should message Neal or M4D M4X and put a bug in their ear. Of all of the FW variations, this is about the only one that would excite me as much as the original.

Skilhunt M150 Samsung LH351D 90CRI version ?

Dagnabbit, every time I think I have all the flashlights I could possibly want, one of y’all thinks of something like this ….

The head is 21mm diameter. In my opinion, this is because they are using a reflector. The only lights I’ve seen that have successfully maintained a small form factor with a nice beam have used TIR.

The Olight S1 Mini proportions are perfect for edc but 16340 leaves much to be desired. To scale its dimensions for 14500/AA, we should have a 19mm diameter by 70mm length.

I also want to see the same thing in 18350 - 23mm x 55mm.

I really like the beam from ET D25A reflectors. But using TIR, or at least a TIR compatible size reflector would allow more flexibility

That’s a pretty cool looking light but with that head and that large ring for the switch I’m kind of meh about it.

It’s impressive they got 750 lumens from it

I agree that a TIR would be ideal.

The Sofirn SP10S is a uniform 20mm diameter, also uses the Samsung LH351D, puts out 800 lumens on turbo. It’s not down to the 19mm diameter mentioned here, but it is noticeably thinner than an 18650 light. It is 88mm long though, even though it has a side switch. I guess the head could have been made smaller by using TIR optics.

Not sure if this helps, but I did this to mine!
Olight M1T Raider pocekt clip.
I also modded the driver (15mm with Bistro HD OTSM, from lexel) and the emitter (Samsung LH351D 5000K 90CRI).
It has been on my jeans for some weeks now and …it is perfect! :partying_face:

Mods documented here:

I have 3 Shockli 14500 cells looking for a home, and can’t for the life of me find anything to put them in. I’m waiting for the new Ti 14500 Reylight, but I’m pretty sure that will have a larger diameter than ideal as well… Reylight ticks all of the boxes, but they’re too thick - nobody else is even coming close (although I do like the Lumintop EDC05C I just got, and the thickness is acceptable because of the side LEDs).

1. Thin
2. Sublumen moonlight
3. High turbo
4. Good mode spacing
5. Non-garbage UI
6. Good clip

Doesn’t seem like it would be all that hard to make, but evidently its impossible. If Rey’s upcoming 14500 Mini Dawn is considerably thinner than the Lan and Pineapple, he will sell a billion of them - people want 14500 lights to be as thin as possible - all the other puzzle pieces are there.

Maybe we can just email Reylight to ask abount making a thinner one? That’d be ideal. Like give me 19mm in diameter and I’ll buy a few of them for myself alone.

Does he post info about his builds somewhere?

Rey has an account on BLF : ReyLight , and he is regularly on the forum, you could send him a PM.

He has a facebook group that’s super active - he’s said before that he likes to make the lights thicker so they’re stronger, so I’m not sure if he’d be interested in making a thinner one… But if he did, I’m pretty sure it would become the #1 recommended / best 14500 light. Everything about the Lan and Pineapple is pretty much perfect - moonlight, max output, mode spacing, tint, they look nice, great clip, great build quality - the ONLY thing that some people don’t like is the thickness. The Mini Dawn is supposed to have a new programmable driver - realistically, I’m gonna end up buying one regardless, but if it were thinner than the Lan (like about the body width of the Pineapple, without the wider head and tail), there would literally be nothing on the market that could touch it. I know its still in design, so hopefully it comes out thin and trim!

If you can find a used or NOS Olight S1A, now discontinued, the Reylight Pineapple AA clip fits perfectly on it.

I emailed him and he is not at all interested.

I emailed some custom light makers and they don’t want to bother either.


This is so frustrating.

> it’s too thick

what is the OD and ID?

Maybe ask someone with a lathe to shave the outside of your Lan?

The customized Tool Ti is what you want.

Maybe someone is willing to mod it for you.
I changed the ugly XPL2 for a 4000k High CRI SST20, what a difference!

Size comparison here;

Could always ask lumintop to do replacement pills for the tool ti like they have in the normal tool hm kit, with the amount of aa tools that have sold I’m sure pills with better cri led options would sell well, especially for those that want to swap but still haven’t mastered soldering!