Looking for new DIY parts shops....other than DX,KD,Illumination Supply, etc.... Any suggestions?

Fellow modders....

I just wanted to check if anyone knew of DIY parts sites other than DealExtreme, Kaidomain, Illumination Supply, and LCK. Sites like Manafont, SolarForce, Trustfire, FocalPrice,ChinaBuy and the like don't really count for me as they made have 5 or 6 DIY parts. By DIY I mean actual components like drivers, reflectors, pills, springs, switches, soldering equipment and the like...drop-ins don't count. Lots of sites like Manfont provide excellent service, but no real DIY section like DX. Anybody have any other sites they can share? Thanks for your time and assistance.... Nutz

Shiningbeamis great for Europeans, too. The have a flatrate shipping price ($6-7 for a package to Germany - domestic shipping US cost less) and at the moment I kow no other shop, who offers tailcaps with 16mm for a fair price (most shops have only 14mm, which is ok for the most drop-in flashlights of Trustfire, Ultrafire and the Solarforce L2 - but for the L2p you need 16mm).

There is a thread on here somewhere with information you are looking for.

I'd say talk to Ric, Taobao it's full of these kind of stuff, lots of stuff that westerners can't buy right now. Why do you think he's got those flashlights and others not.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone... and I did try to search for a post with other shops... but never found one. I'll keep looking around. If I find anything, I'll try to post as well.... Of course I didn't mention Lazerpoint - they have more now than I remember - but just the usual stuff. I'm REALLY looking for new inspiration from a supplier/shop that carries something interesting for a new build... not "just" another XM-L triple and so on... Thanks again.. Nutz