looking for non-plastic headphone/headset

looking for some decent but not terribly expensive headset/headphone for VOIP/skype/gaming. Preferablly with microphone. My first decent headset was a platronics, I was impress it was the first quality headset I had. One thing I didn’t like was it was all plastic and had little or no noice cancelling foam etc… I’ve bought a few more, from turtlebeach to skull candy but they are pretty much the same. I’ve seen some decent metal headphone from DJ’s etc… But I don’t wanna spend more than $150 dollars on some. Just wonder if you guys have any suggestions.

What I’m looking for:

1) Some from of noise cancellation, So I don’t hear people doing things behind me etc… Or they don’t listen to me playing my stupid YT videoes.
2) A microphone
3) Non-plastic or at least some metal enforcing. I honestly broke a few rolling over in my sleep, lol.
4) Under 150 dollars

These are used in a lot of pro studios because of their sound isolation — no bleedthrough to microphones while recording. We use them for just that, BUT because they are heavily insulated cans, they also tend to get hot if worn for hours. But their ability to keep outside noises out pretty much can’t be beat.


I have tried many different headphones in many different studios. AKGs (which are semi-open) are arguably the workhorses of the industry, but for personal monitoring and recording I have been using two older Sony models the MDR V6 (supremely comfortable and foldable for on-location work) and the impossible to find holy grail MDR-CD999.

Over your budget, but sometimes you can find cheapish ones on flea bay. I found my set in a Goodwill for 5 bucks. I almost screamed outloud when I found them. Work perfectly. Just needed new $10 ear pads.

The sennheisers and AKGs — of course — are studio monitor headphones so theoretically they reproduce exactly what is there without coloring, which may or may not be what you want for home use. The Sonys — although technically consumer cans — also don’t add much coloration.

No microphone though. :frowning:

Hope this helps.

I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of closed-back Sennheisers. Buying a brand such as AKG or Sennheiser means you can get replacement parts if you need. As for microphone you’d probably be better off with a Logitech HD webcam for Skype. You can use the mic for gaming if you wish.

I had a pair of Sony MDR 5706’s and they were incredibly bright, and not very comfortable either. Some people seem to love them. :Sp

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