looking for non PWM drivers

Hello guys, I am looking for constant current led drivers. With no PWM. With modes. I read they exist but since the
listed specs of drivers are often a bit vague and PWM/no PWM is seldom explicitly stated I thought I would turn to you.

no PWM is of importance because the driver that I have now seems to create interference on the power lines that disturbs other equipment on the same circuit.

I will use 3*7135 but if I can find anything close I can modify

I figure this thread might fit better in the modding section

Which is the driver you have now?

The Roche M170 don’t use PWM. It’s a LD-35.
So I assume that LD-CH driver don’t use PWM and BAM !!!

It is a driver that came in a light from intl-outdoor, It has a microcontroller and 6*7135, that is all I know.

So its a no-name

That driver would be great but it will fry the led at 2.5A, The led can be driven at 1A max (oslon IR led)

Maybe you can ask for a backorder of one of these

That would be a good option hikelite

What do you think about this one ?


It says “constant current”, no info of PWM

what do you think ?

It's a 3*7135 driver so it must have PWM to achieve modes (the chips are not individually controlled).

Beware - or, alternatively, make sure of what you actually need - most drivers that explicitly state 'no PWM' are using that as shorthand for 'this driver uses PWM but it is at a high enough frequency that it's not apparent'. I have drivers with high-freq PWM that can't be spotted by eye or by a digital camera, which can usually pick it up even when you can't see it.

Properly implemented PWM shouldn't be a problem electrically or otherwise. Ugly, notchy low frequency PWM is probably all you need to avoid.

Have you checked my list: http://lygte-info.dk/info/indexLedDrivers%20UK.html