Looking for smallest host that will take a 20mm emitter PCB?


I’m looking for a smallish (smallest?) cheap host (or a cheap whole flashlight) that will take a 20mm star.

Ideally, I’d like a tube-style host, that’s not 100% necessary.

If it’s a flashlight (rather than a host), the emitter should not be fujik’ed/aa’ed into the pill.

Largest battery size would be a single 18500 or 18650, but ideally, a single 14500.

Also, I’m looking to use a TIR, so something not with a huge (or largish) diameter head, and to use a tail clicky switch.

Can anyone suggest something for this?


Edit: Googling, I found a similar thread/question I had posted awhile ago (https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/18383). I must have too short a memory. Of those, the D5 (http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1339) looks like it comes closest, but I don’t think that’d work with a TIR.

This one:


Will take a 20mm board if you sand the pill flat (second from the right in the first picture) and maybe remove 1mm from the PCB diameter. Why do you want to use a 20mm board?

Smaller than a typical P60 (Solarforce L2) and takes a 20mm Star


the d5 could be persuaded to use a tir, but then you wouldn’t be using that brilliant screw in reflector its supplied with. I carry both the light night crawl linked and a d5 daily and my light I choose to use most is the d5.

you will need a 20mm contact board to use a 17mm driver but other than that its an easy build and a good light.



Have you worked with that ZY-T29?

How is the side switch work on that with respect to a driver swap? Also, would a 20mm TIR work with that head?


Unfortunately, not a clue. I bought one, but I haven't even opened it up yet. I pulled the reflector when I first got it (quite some time ago) and remember being surprised to see a 20mm star in there, but other than that, I didn't do much examination.



FYI, and sorry I didn’t mention it, but what happened is that I ended up with a 3up, 20mm star, and carclo lens, so I’m now trying to figure out to do with those. I want to try to put together a small light using those.

I’ve seen thread where they made up a pill, but I’d prefer to be able to just use a pill, thus the question about a 20mm star.

I actually originally was thinking of something like a smallish tube light that uses a 14500, but i guess 18650 wouldn’t be too bad.

Maybe the D5 might be easiest, but I’m kind of unclear about using the 3up carclo with that, since it’d probably be smaller diameter than the D5 head, plus the front of the carclo would end up “back” from the D5 lens? I’m having a hard time “picturing” how that would work (or not work)?


I think I am going to give PTK’s suggestion a try. I haven’t ordered from FT for several weeks, so my wishlist is piling up anyways, plus, I’m getting kind of sick and tired of looking at that bare emitter hooked up to my batter(ies) - had to do that :).