Looking for specific flashlight


Is there any flashlight with two modes that can give us UV light and normal light?

The Wurkkos WK30 gives you three emitters. White light, UV light and a red LED. I’m sure there are others but that is the only one I’ve bought so far.

There are a number of keychain flashlights that have both white light and UV light.

I avoid them because I don't want to accidentally use UV light as it is dangerous.

Can you explain the dangers? I have 2 UV lights and now you got me nervous! Dangerous for eyes or for the skin? Are they more dangerous than direct sunlight?

There's a number of lights that do. I believe Wurkkos and Armytek offer one and are both having a sale! Check em out on this forum.

UV light is harmful to eyes and skin in general. But the biggest danger, is that the vast majority of output from a proper UV light is invisible.

So you’ve no direct idea how much UV your UV light is actually emitting. It may look like 10 lumen of purple light, but in fact your entire face and your entire room may be covered w/ death ray reflections w/o you knowing it.

Which is why I always get dedicated UV lights, not a secondary UV emitter on an EDC light.

As they say… be careful with UV light :open_mouth:

Wurkkos WK30 +1

Like mine so much I put a clip on it…

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Thrunite makes a keychain light with white/UV. Got one. Nice.

The WK30 kicks ass. Got more’n one. Nicer.

As others have mentioned, there are several combo lights out there, but the best UV lights have a (ZWB2) filter, and as such, do not do any other type of light

Oh, I am aware of UV light exposure risks. I just don’t want to spend too much money on 2 dedicated flashlights.
The UV light should be at least UV-B which will be used for curing solder masks.

The white led should be for generic use (mostly inside the house).

Is there any data on that Wurkkos brand that says what is the UV wave length?

An where is this Wurkkos WK30 is being sold around Europe? Any recommended shops?

The UV is 265nm, also has 2 intensities.

It is available on the Aliexpress website in the Wurkkos Store, may also be on Amazon. Think it is also on the Sofirn website, but not sure.

Don’t know of any normal retail settings, think it is mostly online, maybe someone who knows better can answer that one.

is the Lumintop UV tool any good?

I’ll take a look when I get home. I like the flashlight and also the price.

Is this the flashlight Wurkkos WK30


The UV says 365nm there! :neutral_face:
@Camaro user sai it was 265nm. Maybe he typo’ed 365 by 265 ?

I'm thinking so...

I've never heard of 265nm UV before, but I've heard of 365nm UV plenty.

What battery should I buy for the flashlight? Any recommendation?

I'm thinking a 26650 for maximum runtime.

I don't know 26650 cells that well, but for 4 dollars, you could order one with the flashlight.

I want to search for better options. Or at least to search for other better known brands maybe!

There are threads about the best 26650 cells, but I don't have them bookmarked.