Looking for USB Charging Flashlight

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend me a Flashlight with USB charging?

It needs to be USB charging capable.

Can’t really find anything reputable with these specs:

- < or ~$100AUD

- any battery type / configuration (can be multiple battery)

  • more throwy than floody, possbily atleast >150m throw (the further the better)

Could only find a xhp70 zoomie and xhp50 zoomie from BG

Inexpensive look at Sofirn lights SC31B for an EDC style light, SP40 for an EDC carry/headlamp or SP36 for a larger multi-cell light. Nitecore and Thrunite both have good offerings too. Nitecore MH23 fits in the pocket and throws 322 meters.

astrolux ft03 is best option, even it’s much cheaper than your budget

Second the FT03. Excellent light. Get the sst-40 if you want more throw, get the XHP-50 if you want more lumens/less throw.

These are Anduril based - a little more complex but VERY nice:

- Astrolux EC01 now? A really nice mid sized light.

- Sofirn SP36 - a really nice larger light

  • MF01 Mini - Still in pre-order, but it looks like a really nice light. At least at US prices, you can even get a brass or copper one in your budget.

If you’re willing to entertain a simpler, more conventional user interface, the SC31 / SC31B are nice, simple lights.
Convoy M4U
Astrolux S43
Astrolux S42

Nitecore MH12GTS seems to fit the bill. Main feature I like is the charging port, doesn’t matter if you get water or anything in it the light will still charge and it won’t kill the light getting it wet.

Thanks for all the great mentions guys,

Im really leaning towards the FT03 and SP36.

I have the BLF Q8 and was wondering how these compare in the throw compare to the FT03 with SST-40 or XHP50?

The SP36 should be similar to the BLF Q8?