Looking for very small neoprene flashlight case.

I have my GT Nano’s on the way and I am looking for very small neoprene drawstring cases for them. I have one that came with an E05 used bundle, the only writing on it is in an Asian language. Does anyone have a source for very small padded soft cases?

Let me see what you use or have.

Thanks Matt

I don't have the light or these cases, but a couple ideas came to mind. The 3D mesh sacks that you see for a lot of charge packs doesn't offer a lot of protection (less than neoprene) but I've seen some tiny little pouches made from it. This folding spork comes with a little one that should fit the Nano but I don't know if you can find the pouches separately (maybe from the seller? or aliexpress possibly. Toaks used to have them for their titanium cutlery but they switched to nylon fabric). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EL5VH4C/

I was thinking I'd seen some small lighter/chapstick/lipstick pouches that would work but they all look too small...and USB flash drive pouches are either totally too small or too large to hold several of them. And then I happened upon this on amazon...the algorithm was thinking outside the box! Slightly too large and it's a zip pouch, but it's the right shape: https://www.amazon.com/Protec-Trumpet-Neoprene-Mouthpiece-Closure/dp/B0052VJOZ4/

The old UCO candle lanterns have neoprene pouches but again, too big or too small, and they're a clamshell design that needs to fill up in order to stay secure.

Just a thought about camera lens cases, BH Photo has lots maybe one may suit your needs?
708 Lens Cases

maybe also search neoprene coin purses


So, the first one I am going to try is this one…
Should be here Monday.

I had not even thought about a mouthpiece holder, shame on me… I played trumpet for almost 20 years and my daughter currently plays one of my old horns!

When I comes in, I will work on getting pics of it up.

That mouthpiece case just might be perfect, good thinking.

Next time I’m at the fabric store, I might need to see if I can buy a half yard of neoprene or something like that and stitch up some basic pouches for my most-used lights.

Neoprene is really wonderful stuff. I love it for firearms that are close but not on my person. It offers a lot of protection, is durable and is not heavy or bulky.

I have some suede and neoprene shoes that I wear around the house.

They are extremely comfortable, but they have been discontinued so I cannot buy them anymore.

Some of the On The Road lights came with neoprene pouches. I think the i3 had one that would work really well. Maybe someone has one lying around.

They did, now that you named it, I remember the horrible parasitic drain mine had! Would be the perfect size!

I have purchased a number of Op/Tech neoprene cases over the years, and they have held up well. Not sure if they make the size you are looking for, though. optechusa dot com.

You might try looking at IEM cases. They are probably close to the right size and come in all shapes/materials.

Do you have a link? Can’t find a company web site.

So when I read your post I was looking at

And thought it might work. So there are a ton of cases for In Ear Monitors or ear buds and since some of them are 1000s of dollars, there is a huge variety. The sizing seems to be about right and a Google search for “neoprene iem case” turns up quite a few good options.

Found this, too...a bit too long still and hard to see if it's made well, but easy to stitch and modify...and a cheap 2/pack.


I was looking at monocular pouches too because I used to have a small neoprene one for a little cruddy 8x25 (which now resides at 12,000' in a meadow in New Mexico...presumably, still). Everything I see now is longer at 6" but some of those would work if you wanted to put two lights in the case, heads to the outer edges...there's one on amazon with an orange lining that is the so-called "hard shell" zipper type.

There are so many things that it's just damn hard to find containers for. It's always been this way but there are a few companies now doing those "hard shell" cases in zillions of sizes and applications, and a couple blow-mold case companies offering to the public, too. When I get a well made fitted case for something these days I consider it treasure.

I’ve been going to Goodwill looking for bags for my lights, I found one that is a small cooler with a shoulder strap and a caribiner so I can carry my LT1 in it and then when night comes I can strap the LT1 to the strap and put a couple beers in the bag and set off.

I saw these on aliexpres
and for just $3.74 you can cut off the “flashlight” section to use …LOL


OMG, that is to funny. :person_facepalming:

So, the mouthpiece case is the answer! The main zipped compartment is perfect for the light and the side pocket holds the charging adapter and cable very well! It also perfectly fits the FWAA and a spare battery. It will not fit a TG01, but I suspect it will fit the GT Nano with the 10440 tube, but mine will not be here for a good while.