Looking for very small rechargeable batteries

I recognize this is a little out of the ordinary, but if there is someone on the internet to know this, I expect it is someone here. I’m trying to repair some various old electronics with mostly dead batteries. One of these is a Jabra headset which takes a cylindrical LiPo battery with 7.5mm diameter, 31mm length. Does anyone know of reliable suppliers who deliver to the US for tiny little batteries like this?

Some places like

might have one, but fiik what type that’d be. Saw an A27 that was close(ish), but don’t think they come in Li.

how about buying 5$ airpod clone on Ali and take it batteries ?

Search for 75300 size batteries, you’ll find ones the right size like this one:

Thank you for your help! I’ll chase down these leads and see what I can get delivered!