Looking for volunteers to run the 10th BLF Old Lumens Challenge

Hey folks i have spoken to Don and we have decided to create a post to see if we could find any interested candidates to run the The 10th BLF Old Lumens Challenge this year. Me and Don would both like to enter this years challenge but we would also like to see the event keep running. The task of running the 10th BLF Old Lumens Challenge could be handle by one person or a team of people, it is a volunteer role and remember if you do run the challenge you can not enter the challenge (generally speaking).

I will update this as we go

Some general duties would be

  • Maintain the challenge thread
  • Monitor the build threads
  • Set out the rules and categories for the 10th BLF Old Lumens Challenge ( we do already have general rules you can use and general categories)
  • Set out a start and end date/time ( challenge can run as long or short as you like)
  • Find sponsors
  • Liaise with the sponsors and challengers
  • Find judges
  • Organize judging and judges
  • Run the peoples choice awards

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Since the judges are not necessarily the organizers, why is there any conflict? Seems like the organizers should be able to participate if they are not also judges.

The organiser is supposed to be one of the judges but i guess you could mitigate that and not judge, seeing as everything is done behind closed doors so to speak its a bit iffy as you are selecting the judges and also entering it could favor some people decisions. That is why me and Don split the jobs and i did not enter.

Yes, last year I knew nothing about who was judging, etc. I only set up the topic pages, the timer clock, stuff like that. I was comfortable doing that sort of thing; I’ve done web pages and sites since the days when we we dial up. But I was not, am not an organizer of people.

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Thanks for trying keep this great tradition running for yet another year (10th anniversary :) )
Since I don't see many volunteers, maybe we can save 1 prize for the guy running this year challenge.
I am willing to donate one of my lights or build a special light for whoever taking the job

If that is what is needed sure, but no one from my knowledge in the past has taken a prize for hosting the event. Some BLF members ran this contest for multiple years.

I would do it again but I’m even busier this year. Hope someone steps up.

I’ll volunteer. I was going to do an entry this year but instead I could finish one of my previous entries that I had failed to complete.

I am not sure I am up to the job, if you have read some of the things I post you will understand why. I am planning on entering light.

If anyone wants I will help as I did last year. No direct involvement with the judges or judging, nor any involvement in the pursuit of prizes. As I did last, with approval from the membership at large, I would make the Challenge topic page, set up the start-to-end timer, keep track of who has entered, and keep the main topic page updated with information, and links to the various entrants’ projects and so on. What I consider the heavy lifting, the recruitment and management of the judges and the search for vendors willing to donate prizes is something I do not want to do. Cannot.

If I do this, I would like to be able to enter as I did last year, but at this time I don’t know if I would for certain.

Anyhow if the above option helps in someone’s decision to become a volunteer please post a reply here or PM me.

This would all hinge on a general agreement that I would see nothing about who the judges are, what they think, how they vote, etc. I’d simply do the nuts and bolts work of starting and updating a topic page.

Hello everyone,

I’ve accepted the honor of organizing the 10th Annual BLF Old Lumens Challenge.

I am having fun because I enjoy technical writing.

The contest thread will be posted pretty soon. There will be plenty of time to acquire goods from overseas vendors and to complete your builds.

The rules and categories are the same as in recent years.

Glad to hear it! Much respect, as it’s something I still don’t feel up to (and may never).

Hoping I’ll be able to participate again this year. I have some ideas and some parts but I don’t have all the parts for any of the ideas.

Hooray for Hoop!