Looking forward to getting a new light


I've been looking at lights all day today, and I'm glad I found this forum. With so many choices, it's hard to decide. I'm looking for something a light to mount on my bike. A good bike mount that swivels L-R too. I read one of fran82s' review and they reccomend S-A1. tempting.. However, I have not seen any reviews of Ultrafire G10 to compare. I think it's best for me to start with a AA light, then maybe move onto the LiON rechagables. Anyways, Hi and thanks for the nice forum!

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Orcas Island... I had to look that one up. Looks like a hauntingly beautiful place.

So, for mounting hardware I don't know the first thing about it, but I bet Be-Seen Triker would be happy to suggest something. We have a lot of other cyclists here as well, hopefully they'll chime in. You might try adding "for a cyclist" in your post title.

Did you mean the Uniquefire G10? If so, old4570 has reviewed it here on BLF. Looks like a decent choice. My personal preference is also alkaline and NiMH AA batteries.

Welcome, discord! You should be able to get plenty of advice on good bike lights and mounts here.

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Thanks for the reply, I'm having a bit of flashlight fever today. The main reason I'd prefer to have AA capabilities, if I'm camping and touring with my bicycle, and I cannot find a place to charge batteries, then at least I'd be able to pick up some alkies at the store. However, I think rechargables are the way to go, and at some point I'll probably doll out the cash and pick up one of thos beefy 4.5V LiON batteries and flashlight. I'm going to have to buy a light soon, so I can satisfy my craving.

After looking at the reviews, it looks like quite a few are satisfied with the SkyRay S-A1. Is this the best light for AA NiMH in the < $15 class? I'm a little suprised because I think the CREE XP-E Q3 has been around for quite sometime. Should I just go ahead and order this light?

Ups I forgot to say.

Maybe, the skyray I received has not a Q3, but any led better, maybe Q5. I dont know

I think that sounds like a decent first light ..I have many lights and still look at that ligtht and think..mmm i like the looks of it ..Q3 or q5 it's impossibe to tell the difference unless you have a 4000 piece of equiptment so just assume hong komng vendors are lying or just don't know themselves .. either way the output on both is very similar

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:EDIT:>> if you have a lithium ion battery at 4.5 volts you are in serious trouble anything over 4.2is a no/no ..and 4.5 V is a chemical fire waiting to happen /handgrenade |(

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