looking in the dark...

hello there!

My name is michalis and i am from greece! Nice to meet you all!

I was searching over the internet for a flashlight and beggining to put it down until i bumped into this forum! love at first sight! great job!

So my question is which flashlight will:

1. have nice, wide, equal bright flood like the romisen rc t6

2. throw light able to see clear at 300 feet like SkyRay STL-V2

3. is super bright like 1200+ real lumens

4. costs around 70$

FandyFire STL-V2 CREE XM-LT6 5-Mode 3000-Lumen


SKYRAY 3XT6-850 XM-LT60 5-Mode 4300LM


Dry 3x XM-L 4-mode new version


are also a choice to me.

thank you in advance!

come on you guys just tell me a name an i ll buy it!!!

Not shure if it's possible to reconcile requirements 2. and 3. in a satisfactory way. Frown