Looking to buy AKOray K106 Programmable

Any one in the states willing to sell me a programmable K106??

Come on someone is bound to have one of these they will part with??

I have a Akoray K106 3 mode programmable, works with AA and 14500, looks as new, not dropped, no scratches etc, but now the LED is dimmer than when it was new, if you know how to change the emitter, then it would be perfect for you.

Pls let me know if you're interested :-)

I would take it but you’re in OZ and I’m not sure if the cost to post it to the states would be worth our time?? Let me know what you think because I have no idea the cost to ship international.

Very difficult to find.. Take a look at this thread

I’m still looking to buy one of these? Anyone bought one from KD lately?

Hy Julia,

I’m a bit nervous, because I never chat with a movie star like you…. Any way, I read your post and is really engaging too, the problem is that I’m a little bit ignorant and I don’t know how to buy the fantastic products that I saw in your post. Could you be so kind to help me to buy all of them….

My credit card number is:

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And pin code is:

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Sorry is “getlost” as I told you I’m an ignorant and I forgot that there are no blanks in pin codes…..

Mine had the same problem.The led became dimmer, but i have replaced it with a R2 led from a flashlight with a defective driver. It only works well on a 14500, with a AA it seems to have contact problems (flickering, only with AA, not with 14500).