Looking to buy several 2xAAA with clip around $10/pcs

New member here, but long time unregistered reader :slight_smile:

Looking to buy 10-20pcs of 2xAAA penlights with clips for my employees.
They are service technicians so here are some requirements:
Very good durable clip
High lumens is not needed, rather long runtime instead of high power.
Pen shaped (2xAAA)
Preferably Tail clickie
No Disco modes (SOS, strobe) and if there is any modes(high,med,low), memory is a must.

Been looking around a little but I have a hard time finding a good store with the ones I want into the budget of aound $10/pcs.

Appreciate every little bit of help I can get!


Surprised noone else hasn’t chimed in yet?
I’d suggest you consider a +Hugsby XP-2 CREE XP-E LED Clip Pocket Flashlight Torch.
Hugsby XP-2

Tank007 is $13.75ea. but for 10+ you can request a wholesale quote.