Looking to HIRE Someone to Make Me a Custom Flashlight


They like the bright white into blue and on into UV part of the spectrum. Bugs, that is. Not me. Bugs.

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And that’s why I recommended the 25000K LEDs. They’re not monochromatic blue, but do have a layer of phosphor to get some of the rest of the spectrum, but heavily biased toward the blue end. Ie, as if sunlight were filtered through lots of seawater. Hence, their use in aquariums, for growing coral, etc.

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You all are so patient with me. I appreciate it.

People here are really good at recommending something for a particular budget, this is BLF. What sort of flexability do you have in your budget?

One thing I had thought about recommending was a light bar by MTNlitebar.com with custom components. They are probably the highest output and highest quality light bar available. His 18” lightbars destroy high end 30” ones. If it’s possible to outfit one correctly you could have a really nice setup. I was thinking if you could get something with high output high k color temp, maybe some additional drivers for a blue and UV channels.

I love that light bar, in terms of light output. But it’s vehicle-dependent in both weight and power requirements, and I don’t have an ATV.

OK, so from what I’ve learned from all you folks, it sounds like what I need to do is to ask DB Custom to make me a couple of custom Q8’s, with LEDs in the cool white-blue, high Kelvin range, and maybe another one, in the UV range.

I have a UV Beast; would a UV Q8 be significantly more powerful in terms of output and throw? Is building one even feasible?

Yeah, a Q8 built with some nice high powered UV emitters would probably put the UVBeast to shame. Are you still looking for 300nm UV? From a quick look at the website, it doesn’t seem the UVBeast goes that low, only to 365nm.

Here is a source for lower wavelength UV emitters. Very expensive: LINK
I couldn’t find any other sources in a quick search.

EDIT: For a good 365nm UV emitter from a trusted seller, and tested by BLF member djozz, you can get these for less than $8 each: Convoy Store LG UV LED

As a matter of opinion, I’d like to say that I don’t think covering the entire range of insect vision is necessary or even worthwhile. (especially considering the price of those 300nm LEDs Whew!) I don’t ever try to attract bugs, so I could be way wrong. But, IMHO, if you cover 365nm up to 10,000K white, you will have done more than enough to get the result you’re looking for. Commercial bug zappers are fairly effective and don’t cover nearly that much of the spectrum. I think getting DB Custom to build two 10,000K Q8’s and one 365nm Q8 would be a great idea. Add the tube extensions for more runtime, if you like.

I’m not sure that a few uv emitters in a Q8 will be much better than the uv beast. Reason I say that is because uv tend to be lower power than regular white so the driver would need to be changed as well. Overall result will be disappointing.

I think you’re right.

You guys have really helped me to distill my thoughts and come up with a great solution. Now to just get DB to agree to build them for me….

As for the 365nm Q8- is there a consensus on this? Can a UV Q8 outdo a UV Beast?

If the driver, whatever that is, were changed, could a powerful UV flashlight be built that would far and away outdo the UV Beast?

Not with 4* 1watt UV LEDs. If a flashlight with 12 or 15 leds were used then yeh, I would expect some appreciable difference.

I did an emitter swap on a light with 7 leds High power UV

The kind of light you want is next level though