Looking to HIRE Someone to Make Me a Custom Flashlight

Yeah. You’d need 4 tubes for it. Doable, but not too practical without a handle.

Then again, runtime is your priority, right? Just sign up on the list for 2 sets if you want :slight_smile:

And get these LEDs preferably, SST-20s 4000k:

I am currently doing a groupbuy to get them for a much lower price:

Handle is fine.

I like everything so far except for the 4000k. I need much higher - 7,000k or better.

Uhh wut? Why exactly? That would be close to a white-blue LED light… There are almost no high color rendition 5700k+ LEDs.

Chanzon High Power Led Chip 100W Cool White (9000K-10000K/3000mA/DC 30V-34V/100 Watt) Super Bright Intensity SMD COB Light Emitter Components

Not to argue with you, because my knowledge in this realm is very thin, but what am I missing?

Color rendition mostly, along with poor efficiency.

If you want a sunlight like one(5600k), I would get this one:

Color rendition is basically defined by CRI.

70CRI is average/mediocre.

80CRI is good.

90CRI is excellent.

95+CRI is about perfect for LEDs.


BlueSwordM you do realise she is requesting a light to attract bugs not for her own eyes…?

As long as it attracts lots of bugs, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m not photographing or curing or inspecting anything. :slight_smile:

Ooooh. Can’t really help her than, other than about some anecdotal evidence.

I’ll leave it to the experts in the field.

:cry: :person_facepalming: :neutral_face:

Can the magnificent light you speak of not be built with the higher Kelvin LEDs?

Yeah, but the variant of the LED we want(6300k LH351D 90CRI) is not available to customers unfortunately :frowning:

Who do I have to be to get my hands on some? If the thing exists, someone must be able to get them. No?

No, not unless you want to order a few 1000s of them…

Oh phoo. But, if I could get some, how many would I need?

And, what does the LH351D 90CRI part mean? Is it important? :blush:

There are other easier options.

Your main concern is finding someone to put it together for you

For 1000 lumens continous, and 20000 burst lumens constant operation?

I’d say about 20. Doable, but you would have to get someone to modify the head to actually get more heatsinking, like in this:

And at 100W of power consumption for 10000 lumens, to get 3 hours of constant runtime, you’d need about 24*18650. So, about 3 sets of tubes.

Doable, and actually physically possible. You do need to pay a guy like DB Custom to build you a one off light though.

And 90CRI is better color rendition, and a FULLER SPECTRUM OF COLORS.

100CRI is like pure sunlight, so if you can get as close as possible to that, that would be better.

Ask DB Custom or Skylumen on his website to get you to build you a one off light perhaps :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Unless she’s actually a giant bug?


There are 25000K LEDs for aquariums and the like. “White” light, but with a heavy blue content.


Aaaaaagh! You found me out!