Looking to update/replace my flashlights

Hi haven’t been here awhile looking to replace my aging flashlights from 2010s. My request is that they will be under $200 each, preferably $100-150 and still in stock. Must be of similar size or lumens/throw value.


  1. Fenix TK70
  2. HD2010
  3. BTU Shocker

Not sure what you are asking, Do you have the lights listed and you want to sell them or do you want to buy lights similar to the ones listed?

Pretty much every flashlight on BG is under $200 so you will have to narrow it down a bit more.

Whatever you get, make sure it has a buck driver. There’s not much excuse for linear these days wasting all that energy as heat which causes the constant lumen output being very low

I am also doing similar research.
My suggestions are
Convoy M3C and Convoy M21A
And then a thrower.

I’ve always wanted a BTU Shocker! :sunglasses: