Lots of very good deals from solar force


Skyline 2 $28


Skyline 1 $29.99


Plus many more



Damn, the skyline 1 is just 2 usd over the budget! If it was 28usd shipped i would snatch it instantly. Otherwise heavy import duties and taxes and postal crap apply.

Just got fed up with shenzen-wholeseale with their no so reasonable postage expenses and grabbed this:


Wih all cupons i could find i managed to get it for 19,5usd. Wish me luck!

Here's hoping for luck....

I were just watching that Solarforce site for a few days and there came an offer for at least two items on my list. I'd jump onto Solarforce I and L2R+R5 and add a L2P body to the combination just in case for another XM-L drop-in. But I have really a good amount of lights on the mail and if they start to accumulate at the customs I guess these may get caught.

So, don't buy all the Skyline's guys. I have to wait just a week more. :)

The Skyline 1 desperately needs more output. It puts all of it into a beam measured in millimetres at 5m. But it doesn't have enough total output to make it worthwhile. And it is 6V maximum. And the PWM from hell. If you don't own a lathe forget replacing the driver which is pressed in.

As a stock crazy thrower - fine. But it needs 2x CR123 non rechargeables to give its best output.

Avoid this one - there are good reasons why it is being sold off cheaply. I bought one the last time they were selling them off cheaply. And don't recommend that anyone else does.

Oh, thanks for your comments Don. I'll think another dedicated thrower then. What do you think about Masterpiece Pro 1? I know it isn't much pocket friendly and still a R2 but I might keep one for the collection purposes, and mod with a XM-L if it is plausable.

Does anyone know whats the Skyline 2 is like. Is it worth the money?

Skyline II is way smaller than I and more like a normal FL with tight throw. There were some comparison shots in Internet, comparing a Skyline I, II and a L2 (p60 dropin). Skyline II wasn't the tightest and brightest. It just have a unique finned structure and an infinite output setting. I still think it wouldn't be worth the asked money. Maybe Skyline I was, but I were thinking of modding it one day. BTW, the driver board is in the tail switch AFAIK. A strange creature it is.

Avoid the skyline I. As Don says, it isn't worth your while unless you use it with CR123A's and even then there are some big drawbacks. I was thinking about doing a XML mod plus new drive on mine, but it looks like it would be a lot of work just to get a reasonable driver into it...

The Masterpiece looks good but I've no personal experience of it. I'd look closely at any reviews you can find.

No personal experience but there are people here who do. If it is the same as the I, I'd say, avoid!

Last year, yes! This year, no.

Don, do you know for a fact the pill is press fit? Maybe it's just very tightly screwed in (and obviously without contact points to screw)?

Did anyone try to get down to the driver from the top by removing the black led cover?

And I said my spending spree was over , was I ever wrong ... Skyline 2 purchased ...

Yeah , Skyline 1 is a bit of work ... I put a 1400mA driver in mine , now it runs fine on a 18650 ...

But removing the old driver means destroying it and scooping it out from the pill ..

THe new driver can go on in the regular way ... For the price , its hard to complain .. With this sale , Im going for the Skyline 2 , as it supposedly can out throw the skyline 1 ...

what is the difference between the L2 and the L2i? Are they both p60 hosts?

How possible would be to put an XML in the Skyline 2 and a proper driver?

Yes, both are P60 hosts. The L2 is an 18650 light, the L2i is a 3AAA light which will also take an 18650. Works better as an 18650 light than a 3AAA.

My L2i is at the back door for night-time assistant spotting which is easy just now as she's black and everything around her is white. Don't really need a light this time of year to spot her.

Thanks for the deal tip, Charlestt... I just ordered a skyline 2 and a couple of hosts. It'll give me something to mod and play with now :)