Love package from Cutter (cree MT-G2 and more)

Not exactly love, since I did have to pay for it (read into that what you will...), but I just opened my package from Cutter and this is some of what was inside:

Above you'll see red and green xp-e's, a single xp-g2 (out of a bunch) on a 20mm star, a little bag full of xp-e2's, a quad xpg2 and reflector, and the Big Daddy - MT-G2 along with two reflectors.

It's hard to describe how disturbingly huge that emitter is....

The xp-g2 next to it looks teeny-tiny...

Well, this is my first day off of work in over a week so now I have a few days to play. Look for emitter tests on the xp-e2, nichia219, and MT-G2 in the next few days. :)

That MT-G2 scares me just looking at it! The heck with the tests, I'm waiting for the Mods!!

Great stuff, I look forward to what you put that monster into.Surprised

And... that four up!

Really looking forward to it, mostly on MT-G2.. subscribed!

Put up a few teasers?

What's the voltage on that MT-G2? 6v, 9v or 36v?

Awesome! Can't wait to see these test results!



Sweet bundle of joy there! Just how large is that big reflector? Also, I'm sure it's just the photo making it look like it, but that smaller reflector appears to be bead-blasted or have a satin finish to it.

Go Match. Enjoy your days of. I reckon you may need the side if the Titanic for the heat sink on the MT-G2. Huge does not describe it adequately. As mentioned you need a rest from testing, we need night shots of the beast.

Dern thats some sweet love package you got there Match. Are going to be doing lumen test on those beasts? Whats the xpe red and greens for, got me all excited over those. It would be cool to put those thru you lumen test to see how hard they can be driven!

Cant wait to see the work churned out

Let's see if I can answer these questions in order while the soldering iron is heating up...

This is the 6v one. I thought about the pros/cons of the various voltages, but for my intended mod, the 6v one gets the nod.

The large reflector is 80mm, and the smaller reflector does indeed have a satin-like finish. Since it is a mt-g specific reflector, I'm assuming this was done to blend the light better. Not sure how it'll work really, but I can't wait to find out. The big one will require some work to make a host for, but has me the most excited.

Yes... lumen tests will be forthcoming on all of the emitters. I didn't plan on doing the red or green, but i might as well. Those two particular leds are going in two custom long range hunting lights I've been requested to build. Just waiting on the drivers/hosts.

I’m certainly most excited for the big’un :bigsmile:

That's an MT-G? No wonder it's making lumens.

Very anxious to see updates on the test. Thanks Match.

I can’t wait for data not to mention the modz. That MT-G2 is a mother!

The XP emitters are her baby…err, diodes.

Thanks Match would love to see the real world numbers from the RED and GREEN xpe’s. Excited to see you builds with them.

Thanks again!!!

very much looking forward to the XP-E2 no.s to compare to the XP-G2 data you’ve already done. There are a lot of peeps (myself included) interested in both for throwy helmet lights. Do you measure Vf while you’re collecting your data? I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Also - anyone hear anything about the mythical XM-L2? The guy from Cutter (Mark?) hinted at it’s arrival late this year, but I haven’t heard anything since then.

Oh, and that MT-G2 is a monster!

The biggie looks like it’d be good for domestic lighting where you want a view angle of about 180 degrees. I suspect a suitable reflector for throw would be about the diameter of a motorcycle wheel.

Must go and look at the Cree datasheets.

I want 2000 lumen nondirectional (Beam angle of at least 180 degrees) light sources to replace the few incandescent bulbs left in the house. There is one light in the house that is on pretty much all the time I’m in which needs an L shaped beam with around 2000 lumens for each leg. Wattage is immaterial - it’ll be way less than the wattage stuck in there just now.

Heatsinking might be a bigger issue.


I am getting a MTG-2 also for testing but it's far away because I can't decide on a host thats suitable.I am eager to see your emitter results,match because the cree datasheets are kind of vague and probably won't do much good in a flashlight application.So far,I think cutter is the only source for MTG-2 on a mcpcb,kind of a bummer due to shipping.