Lowes Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

Not all stores have the sale price. Most likely your store never had the sale price.

No, I bought 2 at $6.98 (post#6), I just thought the online price was $6.98 before too. Probably just my mind wandering off again.

AFAIK, Lowe’s online and stores are synchronized (except some stores). On the other hand Home Depot and its stores are often not synchronized. Perhaps you were thinking of HP.

After reading this thread, I stopped by 3 Lowes on my way home to look for one of the Bussey vises….The first one had nothing, no shelf space or anything. Second one had a 3” clamp vise and a 6” heavy duty vice…third one had the 4.5” standard grade vice, the 6” heavy duty one, and the 2.75” vacuum base one as well as varius clamps and such in stock.
Funny thing is, I was also looking for a dremel….in the 3 stores within the 30 mile drive home, all 3 had DIFFERENT PRICES ON THE DREMELS!

That’s why the Lowe’s site always bugs you for your local Lowe’s/zip code…the prices are mostly based on where you live….even just between south Austin, TX and San Marcos, TX.

Hey, that’s my HD experience when they had the flashlight sales.

12V Dremel Li-ion packs, regularly $40

And with a very slight modification they will fit 12V Bosch tools

What a great find and tip. The only one I can find online at my Lowes is $70 but they look different

EDIT: Are you sure that isn't HD? I see they have them there for $40, but not on clearance at my stores.

I am sure it was Lowes’ here is the receipt and BTW, at the same time I picked up 4 ceiling fans and lights for less than $5 each! They were display models

I went right back in to get this $180 ceiling fan/light for $10, new in the box

Ugh! How does he get those deals? I'm never that lucky.


I saw 2AA mini-Maglites (LED) on clearance for $16.51 last night.

I finally found that thread by dchomak that helped me a lot with finding good deals at Lowe's. Hope he doesn't mind if I link it in the OP.

I used like in Cheshire dchomak :slight_smile: Must be nice to have a discount table like that. Here, the discount table is picked clean

On the way back I stopped at a Lowes in Lisbon, CT (70 miles from home) where I saw these deals.
3 in 1 utility cutter, cuts tubing etc. 2 sizes and extra blades, I have seen these, on clearance, at 4.95 up until now. Got 2 sets.

These are the holsters for the cutters, I passed on these.

Just a pouch.

cheap little tool set, for $3.60. Good for the kitchen drawer.

Now the GOOD stuff, landscape lights! These are all very nice quality with cast aluminum bodies, glass lens and globes. Higher end stuff.

This first one, I bought all they had. These fixtures will take the MR16’s that I got for a killer deal I got at HD ( I got 71 of them for a penny a piece) Lowes only had 9 of these fixtures, but what the hey!
They come with Halogen bulbs, but who cares.

This one was made of plastic, I passed on this.

This is a super nice light, as I said of the others, cast aluminum and the globe is very thick fluted glass. The kind of quality you would see at a commercial installation.

What’s good about these, other than being heavily discounted, is that if you buy replacement LED’s at about $1 each on EBAY, you can make your own landscape lighting kit with thinner gauge wire (No heavy current with the LED’s) and a 12V wall wart for the power supply. Here is a link to what I made up last year with lights like these for cheap.

There were many other clearance items at this store, much too numerous to mention. I have NEVER seen a LOWES with so many items on clearance, even some items like the 3 in 1 cutters that were cleared out of other LOWES long ago. I don’t know if your local store will have any of these deals, all you can do is check it out. Now that I am back home, tomorrow I will check out my hometown store for other landscape light deals.

Stopped by Lowes this morning on my way into work. None of those deals above found at my store (and no signs of cleared shelves with clearance tags either). I did spot an interesting new "Lux Pro" light (Lowes sells a bunch of Lux Pro branded lights now).

6xAA's, 3 mode (Hi-Low-Strobe), good hefty feel in the hand, non-slip rubberized grip, lifetime warranty, but old generation XM-L. Has an interesting reflector design. Still it's probably the best XM-L light available in a local retail store, even at $30. I'd nab one at $20; nab a ton at $10!


Yeah nothing like that here. The best deal I ever got was on a 100’ for 10 gauge wire for 50 bucks and that a lowes out of town too.

In socal they should have power company rate payer subsidized, high CRI, directional, and dimmable LED bulbs for a good price.

I just left Lowes with this light. Looks really good, XP-G2 and runs on 2 -D cells. The BEST kind of light for long run times for non flashaholics. Here are the pics in the store, I bought one and will do a tear down tonight when I get home.

Looks like maybe my store jumped the gun on Black Friday deals

Nope! I just realized THIS deal is ON. But only now until BF

280 Lumens, XP-G2. Designed in the USA but made in China.
It has modes so it is just not a cheap DD unit.

Switch is up front where it belongs!
And the batteries are included! (that’s worth $3 right there)

That rubberized grip feels good in the hand.

Without completely tearing it down in the store, it looks like a well made light. Look at those threads and spring, and like I said, the batteries are included. I just wonder how it will do on 2 NiMH cells?

At only $12.97 this looks like a steal. I think I am going to really like this light. I will probably post a separate tear down thread tonight and post a link here to it.
This is definitely one deal I think you all can take advantage of (USA and maybe Canada) .

Oh yeah, the 2nd deal is for another XP-G2 light for $14.97. Runs on 4 -AAA cells, yuck.
Some would like that though, just not me.

This one has a tail clicky

And it is a zoomy

^ Nice finds. I've been eye balling that 2D light for some time now. Was just too expensive before. Looking forward to your tear down thread.