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Here is a very informative thread by dchomak about finding good deals at Lowe's and other big box stores.

This morning at the Lowe's on Harbison Blvd, Columbia, SC, almost all the vices were on clearance. Some a great prices. Drill press vises, suction cup base vises, table end clamp vice and such for about $6. They had a nice one that is normally around $50 for $15. Funny thing is, I can't find them online but they are there in the store in the tools section. Other things are also on clearance in the store.

I bought like 5 different vises. Until now, I have only had 1 old vise. Now I got all kinds.

They also had these lights for about $7. Seems like a pretty good deal as it includes some sort of Li-ion cell. I will open tonight. Someone posted something like it somewhere saying they were $30 at one time. I can't find that posting right now. The light is bigger than I expected.

EDIT: Found the thread here.

Errrrr, there are 2 kinds of vices (vise). Which one do you have 5 of? :slight_smile:

LOL, I'm such a dumass.

Thanks for catching that. Corrected OP.

Still can't find them in online though. Even with spelling vise correctly now.

Miami Vise
with Sprocket and Lugs
going out for a lathe…

The reason you can’t find them is that they have discontinued the Bessey line of clamps and- vices- vises. I have been following the clearance prices downward for some months now, and went they went nuclear with the discounts I missed out on some of the items. Some others I caught like these.

These are 8” C-Clamps. That is quite large

This item I did NOT pick up. even thought is was marked down to $7 from $49, I didn’t like the quality.

Here is a receipt from a buddy of mine in Missouri. He paid $5.38 for the suction vise, then less 10% for military discount. ImA4Wheelr how much did you pay?

I got two last night. I think it said it was $19.xx originally. It's OK for $7, I wouldn't pay ~$20 for it. Low is barely lower than high visually, the tiny power button is a little hard to operate and I would think very hard to operate with gloves, the magnets could be stronger- you don't always have a perfectly flat steel surface to mount it on. It would be a good area light for the kitchen during a blackout without the goose-neck, stick it to the fridge and light up the whole room pretty well. Nice to have both the Li-ion and AA options.

I'd love to get one of those $14 vises. :love:

The batteries are samsung, ICR18650-22F M
Samsung SDIEM

Sorry no pics. Not to hard to disassemble. 7 small screws and it slides out.

If you missed the clearance at Lowes you can get one at Home Depot. It looks like they are starting to carry Bessey vises. You won’t like the price though.

Oh and that suction vise that ImA4Wheelr got for around $5? They have them too.

Dang! I should look for the vises and clamps! I saw the Li-ion light and passed it up. I did pick up some kinda 2 pair 3 way cutter set (look like those cutters you but to cut PVC pipe like your cutting with scissors).

I noticed a new XP-G2 headlamp at HD the other day too - ArmorMax on sale for +/- $7 I think - anyone see that? (is there another thread on it?)


Yeah, I saw those cutters. I think the pair was around $5?

dchomak, I paid $5.72 for the vacuum base vises. Sounds like about what you friend got them for.

Gj, thanks, for the mini review. I bought 2, one for my father. I think I will be taking one back as I thought he would especially like the magnet feature. Much appreciated bro.

The magnets are good in shortie mode (without the goose-neck) but with it there's a lot of leverage working against the base, especially since the goose-neck is pretty stiff. You'll need to hold the base with one hand while adjusting the aim.

The cutters look like a bargain at $4.95 a set but I can't think of anything I need them for, and being discontinued I worry about getting replacement blades later.

For $60 the love affair with that vise is over.

I have followed the price reductions…………

Then the other day when I was there they were marked down to $6.16, but they were all gone!
Don’t feel too bad for me as I have had one for about 10 years. Same exact vise, but branded “Wilton” I use it almost every day
Wilton is a high end vise maker and their Tradesman is considered to be one of the best.

I wouldn’t bring the other one back, you got a $30 vise for $5!

Great info on that vacuum base vise. It really feels good to get a great deal. Hey, I know a little bit what it's like to be dchomak now.

I found the thread on the light I mentioned in post 1.

I just noticed that double headed clamp picture for $3.60. I paid full price for mine about a year back. Darn, now I don't feel like dchomak.

The flex light is back up to $17.98 online. Not worth that much, IMO.

Was: $17.98
Save 61% thru 09/10/2014

I thought the price was $6.98 online before.

Kobalt 2-piece self adjusting locking pliers with pouch $6.49 (Pouch online only), was $12.98.


Edit: I just noticed "must order in multiples of 10". :Sp

No signs of any vises or clamps at my Lowes. Shelves were bare and the shelf labels were even gone. Plenty of the cutters and lights though!