LSG provides LED lamp for Google's intelligent Android @ Home

Google cooperates with Lighting Science Group to develop a new home automation called Androida Home, the LSG provides a wirelessly LED controllable lamp.

The Android Home technology have the ability to control lighting and all electrical devices including appliances, HVAC systems and entertainment products. For example, the users could set alarms on their devices and make it gradually raise the LED down light level in the room rather than ringing an alarm.

Google didn't reveal the details of the wireless interconnect but just saying it was a low-cost technology.

David Henderson, chief development officer at LSG, said, "We look for this technology to revolutionize the home and commercial space for intelligent lighting systems, and LED lighting."

According to Henderson, Android Home will rely on the 6LoWPAN (IPv6 over low-power WPAN) protocol designed to allow every-day devices such as thermostats and lights to connect to the Internet.