Lube on budget lights, what the big deal?

It seems everyday I see someone noting or even complaining that their new light didn’t come with the oring lube. Who cares? Buy a tube of grease and grease it. Problem solved.

silicone lube, DX.

with thermal excursion and time oring can be damaged first of come on your hands

a pro seller lube it, are details that we love

and pay a chinese to lube flashlights summing will have an irrelevant cost xD

BTW thanks for your pearls of wisdom, I was close to have the bodhi xD

This is what I use and I also use it on all my 9mm pistols. Wonderful stuff!!!!

You’ve found it…the legendary TW25B® extreme performance weapons lubricant.

The top-performing, trusted favorite of U.S. Military fighters, leading law enforcement agencies, precision firearms manufacturers and sport shooters everywhere.

Engineered with proprietary PTFE nano-particle technology that outlasts and outperforms other weapons lubricants. Battlefield tested in the heat and sand of desert war zones … on advanced fighter gun systems … in the corrosive, saltwater environments of naval warfare … on the firing line with law officers where weapons reliability is a life-and-death matter.


TW25B® lubricating light grease penetrates the pores of metal surfaces and creates a roller-bearing smooth surface on all weapon parts and on bore surfaces. TW25B® super-lubricates and lasts up to ten times longer than other lubricants. In the bore, on working parts, TW25B® makes every weapon and every part work to its maximum best.


• Optimizes firearm performance with very long-lasting lubrication and corrosion protection
• Performs dependably in all climates, under all weather conditions, on all types of firearms
• Works reliably in temperatures ranging from -90°F (-67°C) to +450°F (+232°C)
• Greatly reduces friction and wear…extends the life of weapon parts
• Repels sand, dust, grit, debris…minimizes accumulation of gun powder residue
• Resists wash-off, wear-off, burn-off, and evaporation between cleanings
• Reduces time and frequency of maintenance with easy wipe-off cleaning
• Allows storage of weapons in fire-ready condition for extended periods
• Minimizes carbon residue, galvanic corrosion and build-up of copper and lead
• Generally harmless to wood, rubber, plastic or composite parts
• All synthetic, non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally safe.

Been using this.

i think it's a funny thing to complain about too. they should have their own lube anyway so it shouldn't be a real problem.

The counter point to all of this is that, if it's so easy to do, then why don't the manufacturers do it when they clearly should?

Another way to think about it I guess is that even if they did with all the taking apart to put battery in one would still have to self lube at some point. I just got one Fenix lite in and it was lubed and the other new one I got wasn't, go figure!

Where did you pick that up? How well does it work?

My wife walked into my computer room the other day, I had the tailcap off of my Tk41, and was putting some lube on the "O" ring and threads, in my lap. She looked at me and said "What on earth are you doing in here". I replied that I was lubing my flashlight. She just rolled her eyes and walked out, saying, "I'll give you a little privacy".

I didn't even try to explain.

Probably a smart move on your part. That is one of those situations that more explanations just creates more problems. Too funny!!!


I think this might be a good sig for someone.

$3.97 at Lowe's hardware. One drop or two Goes on wet and milky looking. Then drys and leaves a residual teflon coat. Safe for O-rings. This is great for non-anodized threads too. You do know that silicone on non-anodized threads gets a nasty break down going and leaves black gummy gunk between the threads. Save the silicone for your o-rings only. Use this on raw aluminum not silicone. Works great.

What's wrong with the old tried and true lsa oil?

Nothing I guess but this stuff is wonderful. After shooting you never have to worry about it running as it always stays put and makes cleaning very easy. Got used to it in the military and never looked back.

We all like to complain (I do anyway) but I agree it is humorous to read the things flashaholics complain about sometimes including lack of lube.
I’m sure if it came perfectly “lubbed” that many would take it off and do it themselves anyway :slight_smile: There are complaints about lights not coming in a box that is attractive enough or not coming with more o-rings or a lanyard or instruction manual.
There are complaints about tiny single AAA lights not “tail standing”.
It’s all just part of the collection “sickness” that we all have :slight_smile:

Nuff said.

lubing one new light when you get it = easy

lubing several hundred lights off the assembly line = not as easy

it's an additional process and that would add cost and they would have to pass that on to the customer.

I use dozens of different kinds of oils and grease everyday at work. Some things need special lube but a flashlight is not one of them. It doesn’t get enough wear to worry about. You can use pretty much anything and not worry about it. I wouldn’t use a solvent oil like WD-40 but any old grease would be just fine.

If you value the life of the o-rings on your flashlight that keep it waterproof, you would want to use a lube that is not petroleum-based. Most o-rings will degrade when exposed to petroleum-based products. Some more expensive o-rings are OK with something like Vaseline for a lube, but I doubt that the Chinese mfg's we buy our lights from put top-quality o-rings on their torches.