lucidrv2 firmware

Just curious if Dr Jones’ lucidrv2 firmware is available anywhere or is it only sold on drivers from mtn now?


I know there where a few firmwares Dr.jones held the rights to. I just dont remember which ones they were and Mtn did sell them with Dr,jones permission.
A search here on BLF might find the exact info your looking for.
I searched for it and this thread is where it original came from. With reading thru the thread the firmware only came in the H17F Mtn driver.

Thanks, I did search and also found that thread but wasn’t sure if it was made available since then as I know he hasn’t been around for a while. I may order one from mtn and give it a whirl.

I’m pretty sure Dr. Jones used to have a website with some of his firmwares on it, but it looks like it’s no longer up. He does have a github page with a few of his firmwares, but not lucidrv.

Dont know if this helps. This is on Toykeepers site.