Lumapower mrv clone @ Manafont Trustfire F15-T6 3-Mode 1600-Lumen LED Flashligh (1*18650)

ok maybe(more than likely) its not 1600 lumen but i had the mrv clone on my cart ready to purchase it for an xml transplant but its like JIM@manafont read my mind so its here. an mrv clone clone from trustfire. maybe jim can tell us tailcap amps on modes and maybe they can make HML.

The MRV clones are very, very nice lights. With an XM-L in it and no need to do any work on it, even better. If it does 800l which it might well, it's still an excellent light. Mine with an XR-E in it does 260 and is still an excellent light.

samee thought and all the modding work done. ive got it in my cart. wont see it for two weeks though so should be there when i get home.

That is a very good price for that light, and it should be a great thrower...

I'd wanna buy an extra SMO reflector and see how it does with that.

1600 lumens?!!! There's stretching the truth and then there is outright lying. The only way you'd come close to that is if you throw in another LED. That can't be a manufacturer's claim (the usual way to pass blame) since it says 1000 lumens in big letters on the side.

pill fits in head,this speaks abductions of the heat bad

My order finger is twitching................

I think the pill is screwed into part of the body and then also screws into the head, so it should be rather good at transfering heat :)

Can you get replacement reflectors for these?

thread on pill allows to install pill in head only.

If my eye I do not defraud:)

I just made one like it myself with KD 2.8 driver and a XM-L led. A Report on that will follow in the next day. So far the impressions are good. It's a XM-L thrower! (i have a SMO refelctor). I'ts truly a sight to behold. I tought iwas a bit meh but then i realized i did not switch to high yet. :P Dang! I lit half the street where i live with the spill and annoyed pedestrians 100-m away with prison tower worthy spotlight. I fiddled with it almost an hour to center it perfectly (by trial and error) and it pays off!

Luxmeter showed around 38000lux at 1m... I got the feeling it was too high and retested it a few times... Within margin of error.

This is what a thrower should be althrough the spill is still plentifull, not those silly pencil beam throwers or "white lasers" which are nice to play but almost useless.

Left the body on high on my desk for 20min. Very hot! not possible to hold for more than 5 seconds. Switched off and took out the battery and found out it was just barely warm which is good!

The sag is still present but it is waaaaaay lower than any of my P60 XM-L dropins.

The body SS ring that hosts the pill seemed a weak point for heatsinking but turned out it is not that bad. The mass of the body helps. I managed to do a good job on heatsinking but 9W is still 9W to handle... 3.2Vf * 2.8A = ~9W

The KD driver is a beauty!

It's not a tK35 but me likes!


Well i couldn't resist my little finger had a mind of it's own and before i knew what was going on i had bought and paid for it lets hope its as good as budgeteer's light !! if not i have a could always swap the driver for one of the KD ones :-)

I don't have a C8 to compare but looks (beamwise) better to me. Beamshots to follow during the week!

had it in my cart as soon as i saw it and purchased last night. I did'nt care if i had no idea what driver was in it as i wanted this body anyway and was going to mod it. Theres always that KD driver and maybe a U2.

All of you who did purchase this please consider also the SMO reflector of the C8 that should fit in it (dimension wise) along. I really like the SMO in that one. I have too many P60 rather floody XM-L's. Thank me later.

I have a SMO c8 reflector on the way and will confirm this in a week if someone is willing to wait and play it safe with the reflector.

Is that reflector available on its own ?

Yep! Not very cheap but not very expensive either. They added it recently.

Besides the C8 SMO reflector question, I would very much like to know the current drawn on Hi and Lo with stock driver.

(Itching all over.)