LUMINTOP 10 years Anniversary Giveaway

My favorite flashlights :slight_smile:


The Tool has served me well for over 4 years now and the FW3A is now my EDC flashlight for the night.

These are my two most recent Lumintop purchases:



Hi Kapsyd
Need your help or anybody else that can assist me , cant seem to upload a photo here. How is it done ?

Lumintop all over the world!

read this it will show you how:

Great premium fl!



thanks in

Good flashlight

My well used work light, rides in my truck and there when I need it. I have many more Lumintop lights but this one probably see’s the most use.

I’m in and thanks for the giveaway. Congrats on 10 good years.

Hi guys, I have been a huge fan of Lumintop lights ever since I got the Lumintop Tool AAA and it’s been my everyday carry for the past 3 years.
I have 3 Lumintop lights - Lumintop Tool AAA, Tool AA and GT Mini - and I want to share a story about how I use them on my durian “hunting” trip.

First up is the beat up Lumintop Tool AAA. I use it almost everyday and it hasn’t failed me once. It’s bright, it’s nifty and I just love the heck out of it. (If only there was a NW/Nichia LED option…)

Here you can see how I use the Tool AAA for close up illumination. Freshly dropped at 3am! Check out my unsponsored review of this little light here: [Review after 3 years of use] Lumintop Tool AAA Clicky Review

But how do you look high up into the trees and find the durian tree in pitch dark? Use the GT Mini of course! Immense throw and perfect tint.

And lastly, I have the Tool AA clipped to my backpack so I can have hands free illumination pointing in front of me, just enough to avoid stepping on nasty things.

And this, my flashlight friends, is how I use all 3 of my Lumintop lights on my durian “hunting” trip. Hope you enjoyed the story and hope I win another Lumintop light!

Well, I have this one… :slight_smile:!:

Very hot :person_facepalming:

Love my TD15S. Bought it here:

Build quality is about as good as it gets. Solid, and super bright.

here’s my gt :slight_smile:

Anxiously awaiting the FW21 Pro & GT4!

Thank you for the giveaway! Please count me in. Here is a picture of my GT70 and its story. My cousin and I are both into lights but have tight budgets. Two years ago we decided to forgo giving each other Christmas presents and when it 50/50 on the GT70. We share the light and both our wives think we are crazy for owning half a flashlight! We have worked out custody (you know I get for Christmas he gets it for thanksgiving, we have visitation rights, etc. not weird at all right?…right?) and enjoy it a lot. The left side is my half if you were wondering :slight_smile:

Edit: Not sure if the picture is showing properly. I still have not got the photo posting quite right. Here is a link if it is not showing correctly. BLF GT70 - Album on Imgur

I’m in. Will post a pic shortly pf my GT.