Lumintop changed logo, no more bunny

i feel the new logo looks really bland and boring now…


it was because of that magazine with bunny…… weird……

I personally liked the old logo, the new one is bland and doesn’t stand out in the world of lights at least it doesn’t for me.

Look at the bright side, your Bunny lights just increased in value ! :wink:

Looks a bit more professional now though.



De gustibus non est disputandum.

If I’m reading this right it looks like lumintop filed for a trademark in 2015 and the Energizer Bunny filed in opposition. It looks like lumintop did not get the trademark but the bunny kept hopping. And then in May of 2019 the Energizer Bunny filed a trademark infringement. And it looks like lumintop just ignored it. The Energizer Bunny won by default in September 2019. Apparently lumintop referenced the energizer brand in some of their ads. That was clearly a mistake.

im just really curious as to why. what is this business development needs that requires killing off of the rabbit

First Fireflies, now Lumintop.

Sad day for the bunny’s :cry: Currently petting my FW21 Pro tailcap.

Too bad they removed it. That was the only really nice thing for Lumintop flashlights.

Somehow, I wasn’t touched by most of their designs (aside from any BLF inspired designs, of course - but I could not afford those “big guys” anyway) - same applies now for their new logo.

What does that mean for the lighted switch on the EDC18?

Ehhh, sure but who really cares the little bunny makes things unique imo and whos gonna come to the plate to say its not as professional when they stand as king of the hill in with the the GT4, GT90 and, GT94 at reasonable prices with stellar sustained performance.

When the bunny was recently added to the tail switch of the FW, opinions varied.

First there is a bunny, then there is no bunny, then there is, then there isn't.

RIP lil bunny. I hope they can incorporate it in other ways or make it an unofficial mascot.

Oh totally - I know the whole history of that one, but it’s not Duracell bringing a suit against Lumintop :wink:

Ah, I thought you were speculating above, but now that I do a search, I see there really was a lawsuit, and Lumintop lost: