Lumintop copper tool or Maratac copper flashlight?

Can’t afford, both. Which one do you have? I am leaning more torwards the lumintop because I can change out that nichia for something warmer (I love warm ican tints)

The heads are identical and can be swapped between the two. The only real difference is the switch and the length it adds. I prefer the clicky switch though.

I can’t give you advice on the Maratac, but my copper Tool is so nice. I carry it every day in my pocket (pocket is not loaded with to much junk) and it still is holding up rather well. It has some scratches (minor) but nothing major - expected if you carry it as a light is intended. It is always a conversation piece after it provides its purpose. Caution - never hand it over as a loaner if someone needs a light, it probably will not come back home.

The Tool is a clicky and the Maratac is a twisty.

Some folks like one over the other.

I find either one just fine in a AAA light.

However, I would still get the Tool for the Nichia emitter.