Lumintop D2 Pocket Thrower!

A brief story on the why I got these flashlights. I was browsing Lumintop’s website (I had seen their BLF GT light variants before but never really owned any of their lights) and I checked the “new arrival” section and stumbled upon the D2. It looked compact and visually appealing, advertised reasonably bright max lumens, and the throw was impressive for the perceived size, so I was interested. Checked it out on Amazon and I couldn’t believe how cheap it was so I got two of them (under 60 bucks total, even with our ridiculous 11.5% sales tax). In my mind, I thought they would make great presents for my parents who don’t own a single flashlight and yet live in a neighborhood where the power constantly goes out. I thought I’d get two, and if I liked it, I’d keep it, while if not, I’d give one to each of my parents so they can both have their own light.

Sorry if the pictures take a long time to load guys, is it just me, or is Imgur slow as hell? My internet’s not the best in the world but it’s decent, I got 200 down/20 up. I’ve always read a ton on forums but never been one to post, so this is all new to me, srry if the pics are “too large”. I’m just taking them on my iPhone, passing to my PC, converting them to JPEG in a website (they’re HEIC originally) and then uploading to Imgur.

Anyway, the light arrived (mega late as everything’s been lately), I even got my money refunded because it took so darn long to arrive. Well, with that out of the way, here’s the light in question. I gotta say I’m impressed with it, I did not expect such performance from such a tiny light and at this price point.

It came in a really nice box, plenty of foam padding to keep it protected during the trip through the mail (which is an odyssey, my box came in crushed and they had literally torn the tape and opened it). I feared the lights might be damaged but nope, they came in mint thanks to the packaging. Nice job Lumintop.

Here is what it looks like in my hands:

Here’s what the button looks like in the dark when the flashlight’s turned off:

Here’s a beamshot straight on my ceiling, causing the room to be lit up quite nicely as well:

Here’s what it looks like when I shine it to the sky and I can see the beam in the air, you’ll have to excuse the crappy phone pics in the dark:

Here’s a picture of it next to the Thrunite Catapult V6 for size reference, as well as a picture of it next to the included 18650 cell and a 21700 cell of my own. Also a beamshot picture shining on my white concrete ceiling for reference, Lumintop D2 on the left, Thrunite Catapult V6 on the right (the 5000k version, not the neutral white)

Here’s some beamshots (before and after) shining it at an apartment complex that’s about 380-400 meters away (honestly, the pictures do it no justice, specially when viewed from a phone, the apartment complex is lit up very brightly in person, to the point where I’m sure a lot of people looked out of their windows to see what was happening, it could easily light up something significantly further than 400 meters pretty well, I’m impressed):

Looks like a nice size light.
What do you mean by before and after with the beam shots against the wall?

I thought they had to stop using the logo bunny ?

Really like the size/shape/style of this one. USBC charging is a plus, flat tail standy cap looks good, lighted switch is good, and the ugly LED should be easy to replace. I prefer a good ramping UI, but can live with low, med, high, turbo. $30.80 with tax, from Amazon, and free next day delivery. I’ll have one tomorrow :smiley:

I just realized this is the same body as the B01 bike light.

You have to look underneath that text, maybe the pictures just hadn’t loaded for you. It’s of some apartment complex. One picture’s with the beam not yet hitting it and the other is one with the beam hitting it. They’re screenshots from a video.

Apparently not! I really really like this logo, specially when it’s lit up in the dark. It’s one of the features I like most about this light!

Honestly, the beam is a pretty nice color, you only notice the yellow from the phosphor around the hotspot when white wall hunting. Aside from that, it’s pretty darn white across the board, from the hotspot in the middle all the way to the spill. You can see that in the last two pictures where the spill is lighting up my neighbor’s house’s roof and it looks perfectly white (Hmm, upon closer inspection, you do notice the yellow on one of the pictures, but only cuz that roof/wall is really really close, the rest of the spill is white). But yeah, should be an easy swap regardless, I might try and do my first de-dome ever in this light if I’m really bored one day to make it even more of a pocket rocket thrower. About the UI though, I agree, it’s kinda weird. I mean, the part where you cycle through low, medium, high through clicking the power button and double clicking to turbo is fine with me, the only thing I find odd is the press and hold to power off, but you get used to it quickly enough. I assume they did this to keep the price cheap as opposed to including a button that could cycle through the modes doing half presses and turning the light on and off would just be an actual press of the button. At the price this thing is at and considering the performance you get out of it, it’s a steal.

I’m just a fan of the warmer tints, more orange or rosy, and much less green :confounded:

In flashlights, I’m really not a fan of the warmer tones. I like them as white as possible. That beam on the Thrunite is pretty darn white, pretty much right on the money.
Agreed on the green tints, they’re absolutely disgusting. I’ve never had it on a light myself, but I’ve seen some pretty ugly beams online. This new light I got from Lumintop is the worst colored beam out of all my lights, but it really isn’t terrible. It looks a lot greener on the picture than it does in person, as it’s more yellow than it is green, at least to my eyes. I didn’t even notice it much until you mentioned it and made me inspect it further lol. All in all, the beam’s alright, and when you’re shining these things at a distance, it’s not nearly as perceivable as when white wall hunting.

Nearly all my lights are Nitecore, so I’ve never had any tint issues, since they tend to use pretty white emitters, and drive them really hard. Take the XP-L HI V3 for example. They’re both in my P12GT and TM26GT, and I guess you could call it cool white at lower levels, but it gets whiter the higher you drive em. The XHP50 on my EC4S is pretty white as well, though I do remember it having that ring around the hotspot where you can see a little bit of the color of the phosphor coating on the die. Their color temps have always been satisfactory to me. What I really don’t like are lights that are blue. THAT looks disgusting to me, and a ton of people actually like that. It’s definitely not as bad as a green tint but I’ve never actually run into one in person, while I definitely have run into a lot of blue lights in person. I’m talking 6500k+.

I remember back in the pnp HID days, everybody would chase the higher kelvin rating cheap kit lights for their cars thinking they were brighter, and they’d end up with the most horrible, blue as the sky (and dim) pair of lights of all time. And they’d show up with a big grin on their faces too showing them off to me only to hear me tell them they had a blue mess that wasn’t lighting the road any better than 4200k, to which they obviously replied I knew nothing and that the higher kelvin rating, bluer ones were OBVIOUSLY the brightest. It blew my mind how even after I explained to them how lighting actually works and how they’d see better if they stuck to 4200k-5500k (MAX if they really MUST have a bit of blue in it), that they’d be better off and they still insisted on going blue and kept showing up with 8000k HID kits and I just had to shake my head in disappointment lol. I remember they’d tell me look, this one’s white! And I’d tell em no, that’s blue as hell, can’t you see it? Then they told me they asked the guy to give them the brightest, whitest one and that even the box said somewhere between 4500-6000k, the light was clearly around 7000-8000k. Then I’d ask em how much they paid for it and they’d tell me anywhere from $30-$50 and then I’d say “exactly, there’s your problem”. Get what you pay for lol. I quickly learned and then went into retrofitting proper HID projectors in my cars with high quality components. Sorry for the tangent, went on a bit of an unrelated rant there hehe.

Fenix blows away Nitecore in the name brand flashlight world.

Just bought one of these. Review forthcoming.

In your opinion, of course

Mine charges fine from a PD charger with USB-C to USB-C cable and from a non PD charger with USB-A to USB-C cable.
My wife will like this one. Simple click to change modes and long press for off.

No glue! LED swap will be real easy.

Back of the head. Spring contact for battery. 4 solder blobs are the USB charging port supports.

Wow you got that thing fast! The beauty of living in the states! Mine literally took over 20 days to get here from my date of purchase.
What LED will you be dropping in? I also found the contact from the head (where the positive side of the battery contacts) to be suboptimal. I would have much rather had a flat surface where my button top batteries could have better contact from more surface area. Any idea why they put springs on that side instead of a flat contact? Is it perhaps to accommodate a range of lengths of cells? Being that it can use both 18650, plus 21700, plus factoring in whether they’re button or flat-tops and whether they’re protected or unprotected. I’d think the tail-cap spring would suffice for the variances but I might be wrong. Anyway, that spring contact seems to favor flat-tops vs button tops. The flat tops will simply have much more surface area contacting.

If I can find them (we moved recently), I have some 2700K LH351 LEDs from Sofirn that I really like.

Ahh, I see, going for that foglight look. Should be a similar brightness I believe. Keeping the dome on it I assume? Looked the LED up online and it seems like the silicone dome and the phosphor are all mixed together and there wouldn’t be a way to dedome it without destroying it in the process. Anyway, what would be another good option to throw into this light if all I wanted was to make it throw even further? Maybe an SST40? Though, that might require extensive modding such as replacing the driver etc… I’m a newbie to mods btw, never modded a light before, but if I was to mod a light, it’d definitely be this one since it’s so cheap… and it seems worth modding too!

Fantastic. Anxiously awaiting…this light is calling me for some strange reason….

Should definitely just pull the trigger, since it’s so dang cheap, you really won’t be disappointed. The quality is excellent. Good machining, good anodizing, the knurling feels and looks very good, the light feels nice and balanced in your hand, has a good feeling weight to it. Also, the included lanyard is of impressively high quality, very thick and plush on the part that goes around your wrist, the Lumintop lettering looks nice on it as well and it has a very good locking piece with a button on it for adjusting how taut you want the lanyard, as opposed to the usual piece of plastic that just goes up and down without a locking mechanism. MUCH better than Nitecore’s lanyards that tend to wear pretty easily at the attachment point. A great part of how they designed this light is that the lanyard hole doesn’t interfere much with the light’s tailstanding, so long as you just push the thread out to the side as opposed to under the tailcap. Also, Rusty Joe. would you mind sharing the link here in this thread once you do your review? Is there a way to actually tag people in this forum? Usually in other forums the brings up a list of members from which you can type in to narrow it down and then click on the host you wanna tag, but it doesn’t seem to be the case here. Hmmm, the “at” symbol seems to just be either making the font change or and just disappearing into thin air as well.

Wth is going on here? lol