Lumintop DOA

So I scored my first DOA. Here are the details. I ordered a Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 from Banggood. It arrived a couple days ago and it was DOA. I worked with it, did some investigating and I know the problem is in the head. Anyone have any advice on getting it replaced besides buying another one? Both Banggood and Lumintop don’t seem to have an interest in helping. There is obviously a language barrier and I keep get asked the same questions over and over again.

I’m experiencing similar problems with GearBest recently. They happen to forget to send something, or send some crappy items. Once contacted to solve the issue, first they keep repeating the same phrases then offer some points to wipe your tears out. I’m kinda getting fed up with these. This year there’s something bad going on in GearBest. IMHO.

Believe it or not I had really good results with Banggood on one occasion where it was easily apparent that the language barrier was the hold up in the works. I ended up typing out a message to them and used Google Translate to convert it to chinese. I then copy and pasted that into my message. They of course sent me a message back in Chinese and I was able to use Google translate again to render it in English. Problem was solved fairly quickly that way. It was a very simple problem like you are having but the bottle neck was the language.

Oh and by the way, try to keep it super simple and to the point. They don’t understand some of our slangs and sentence structure.

This certainly is taking longer that I would have ever expected. I believe I will have a full report after this whole experience is over, but I will post it in a more appropriate category.

Very good advice Todd.

To note, I got my Tool 2.0 straight from their Ali store and it came in perfect condition. Now I’m not buying anything through an intermediate if I can help it.

This is excellent advice. I can also confirm this gets faster results. I only know very basic mandarin but google translate does the job as long as you keep it short and to the point with no slang.
I think what probably happens is that all issues go to a guy who gets too many emails, he then fires off a pre baked reply, if that fails they send something asking you to take images and videos, then after that they seem to try resolving matters, but with a reply in Chinese it misses a few steps, at least for me anyway.
Just out of interest i once got a non working flashlight and they eventually asked me to take a video of it as proof and add to youtube. I did that and they sent me a new unit, here is the strange thing though, looking at viewing stats on that private video still to this day shows NO views. So i am assuming from that they just get you to jump hoops but dont even check! almost like its company policy to try and put you off at least 2 times before they start to do their job. That’s just my thoughts on it anyway.

Fingers crossed your issues are sorted out soon.

They understand a Paypal dispute perfectly well

Yeah, but use it only as measure of last resort. You’ll get your money back, but they will feel unduly overruled.
Use it wisely, only give a hint. After using it there is a chance all orders will be ignored from that moment on.

I’ve only had to go the dispute route once. Decided 1 month and 5 emails back and forth with them asking the same questions was enough. I could care less if they feel overruled, I wanted my DOA problem delt with

Oh yeah, they will try to wear you down. It’s normal, just don’t give up and don’t accept any deals your not comfortable with.

So far here is a log of my Lumintop DOA email saga. I think they just want to wear you down.

  • Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 arrives from Banggood, DOA.
  • Me: The card in the box says if you have any problems, feel free to contact us. First I do several tests on the flashlight to narrow down the issue. All tests show the something is wrong with the head. So I email Lumintop.
  • Lumintop: “Can you test the tail cap to see if that is the problem.”
  • Me: Tested again, this time with photograph to illustrate the problem.
  • Lumintop: “Then the new 2.0 needs a replacement head. Did the 2.0 not work when you received from Banggood? And did you ever contact their after sale ?”
  • Me: “The 2.0 did not work when it arrived. It was broken on arrival. I have not contacted Banggood with a return because your card in the box said if I have any problems contact you. ”
  • Lumintop: “Please contact Banggood with your issue.”
  • Me: “Why would you ask me all these questions and wait 5 days just to tell me you can’t help.”
  • Lumintop: Crickets

In the next episode a summary of the Banggood email exchange that is ongoing after 7 email exchanges.

… welp. This happened.

Luckily the one time I contacted Jetbeam about a DOA BA20, they were quick to tell me “mail it to us and we’ll fix it”. I did, and it was 100% worth it.

If you bought from Banggood, thats who is responsible. Same for Gearbest.

If you bought directly from the Lumintop store, then you would contact Lumintop.


Why did you quote it ?? :wink:

I’m quirky. :disappointed:

If this dilemma has not been solved, here is what I do. To date, it has never failed.

  • Be courteous no matter what.
  • Keep sentences & commentary short and to the point.
  • Tell them precisely & simply the problem or issue. DO NOT whine or grumble about it.
  • Tell them exactly what you want to solve the problem & stick to it. If they try to play their game, play it… but on your terms.
  • Remember…… be courteous but remain resolute. :wink:
  • If they ask for pictures of something ‘stupid’, I tell them there is no need for a picture of that… it will show nothing and I will not waste time sending it.
  • If they ask for a video I tell them I have no way to make one.
  • Remember…… remain courteous but resolute. Totally resist the urge to curse them out. :smiley: . Say please & thank you instead. :wink::smiley:
  • Stick with the resolution you told them you would accept in the beginning.

I have never had a resolution take longer than 48 hours, & most have been solved in less than 24 hours. And solved very satisfactorily too I might add.

This has totally worked for me… ymmv.

Oh yeah, I have never once had to do it…. but if all else fails, they do understand “PayPal dispute”. :wink:

:+1: … Good enough, work for me. I am too. :wink: