LuminTop EDC05 AA(14500) Flashlight

• XP-L LED (CW and NW for options) with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
• Max Output: 400 lumens(Ni-Mh), 800 lumens(14500)
• 4 output levels plus Strobe, SOS and Beacon
• Most efficiency constant current circuit, max runtime up to 171 hours
• Size: 86.2*20mm (length*diameter)
• New weight: 44.5g (excluding battery)
• Aerospace-grade aluminum boy, premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish on the surface
• Aluminum alloy OP reflector creates a smooth and balance beam
• Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
• Titanium coated stainless steel clip
• Magnetic suction tail cap with tail standing ability
• Waterproof to IPX-8 (2 meters under water), impact resistance to 1.5 meters
• Applications: hiking, camping, traveling, EDC or tools etc.
• Operation:
-When off, one click to access Moonlight, another click to circle through moonlight-low-medium-high. Long Press for off.
-When off, long press to access the memory output last use (except Moonlight), one click for circle.
-When off, double click to access Strobe, one click for circle: Strobe-SOS-Beacon, Long press for off.
-When on, double click to switch between general modes and flash modes.


XP-L Hi?

Nice looking fashlight :open_mouth: I was just looking for a new 14500 EDC flashlight :smiley:

Is this available now? :slight_smile:



Thank you Steel_1024.

My last arriving uTorch UT01 NW 5000K 3D from Gearbest was different from the earlier UT01 NW 5000K 3D I got.

The difference is that in the box it had a Lumintop warranty card and the light had a ugly greenish tint (in my opinion if I compare the one that I had before and the new one).
Atleast with the old one a white wall was white when I shine on it.

As soon a saw the color of the light I put the UT01 back in the box.

The only difference I can see externally between them is that the UT01 text at the tailcap is smaller on the new light.

With the Lumintop warranty card inside the box of the UT01 I hope they didn’t mix the LEDs up and that ugly led tint (in my opinion) should be in this light.

Nice photos! :smiley:

So where is the magnet in the tail of your lights?

Can 6mm x 1,5mm tritium tubes be inserted in the 4 grooves in the head ? It seems like it was designed for it.

Waiting for mine, I hope the tint is good so I don’t need to swap the emitter right away

No, It is not.

Not easy to disassemble.

I also have one shipping from GB, hope I don’t lose in the tint lottery like you did.


Obliviously they are both made by the same company or in the same factory. I really like the magnetic tail of the Lumintop, it looks like a real nice flashlight.

You know, if you actually took the time to interact with the forum & explain Manker’s side of some of these issues you would be far more likely to build some loyalty among customers. As it is, your constant one word shots without any further explanation is one of the reasons I refuse to purchase any further products from your company.

If you can’t behave like a professional, why in the world would I want to support you financially? Want my patronage? Stop acting like a child.

In Manker fashion, I’ll say one word :

I really like the magnetic tail cap on the EDC05. I will order one this coming week. Just got my Sofirn SP10B, my first AA size flashlight :smiley:

Just ordered the neutral white version of the EDC05 from
Just have to wait now.
Tick Tock…….tick tock…….

Very nice review and awesome photos steel_1024. It got me to buy another flashlight.

This looks great. I’m also a fan of Lumintop after their involvement in the BLF GT project. Only thing I wish for is a sublumen mode. I use that a lot on a light this size.