Lumintop FW1A discussion and review

Between the XPL HI 3D @4750k and SST20 4000k LEDs, which would provide the greatest amount of throw? Both of these LEDs, as well as the XPL HI 1A @6500k, will apparently be offered by Neal in the FW3A.

Neal that was fast.

Very nicely and I’m interested but as I understand the head of FW1 and FW3 have interchangeable bodies, correct?

If that’s true, than would it be feasible for you to sell just the head portion separately and perhaps exclude the led and driver if it will cut down the costs?

Hi Neal! Any chance it will be available in different colours and finishes (e.g. raw)?


Updating the first post now!

Thanks Active A1 for the info.

Tailcap switch makes sense when holding the f/l raised the “tacical way”. I’m doing this to reduce shadows, usually to being able to light up something distant. For floody lights, I don’t want anything else than a sideswitch or magnetic ring, therefore the D4V2 won the race (for me!) If there was a FW1 with maximum throw in this class of lights (no OPR), I’d likely buy it … after extensive beta testing [by its customers, as usual].

Looks like the choices are:
Luminus SST-20 4000K
Nichia 219C 4000K
Cree XPL-HI 1A (CW)
Cree XPL-HI 3D (NW)
Cree XPL-HI 7A (WW)

I went with XPL 3D. Later easy swap with 351D and when SS bezel show up, the whole section will go to titanium FW3T

ActiveAl, according to the specs, the XPL has more lumens and more throw.

Tint and CRI is what am after. For throw i'll put White1 in

Nichia and 7A won’t add to the cart, I think only the other three are available options.

Now it seems it’s gone

Try this one:

Yes, link has changed - amended my previous post.

Wait. These are live?!

YEP! :partying_face:

Is 1200 lumens for the XPL and 700 for the SST about what everyone was expecting?

I’m surprised the candela numbers are what they are.

I guess those sound a bit optimistic. I was hoping for more lumens.