Lumintop FW21X1L

Hi everybody,
my problem with the torch in subject is the ignition. After using in turbo and moonshine mode, the flashlight flashed 3 times and then turned off. Removed and reinserted the battery the same thing the flashlight does not turn on or rather only short flashes in low mode. The battery is Samsung 30t fully charged and I never removed the tail switch. What can it be? Thanks to everyone who responds.

While I am sorry I have no advice to give you on your flashlight, I am in before lightbringer warns you off the moonshine…

Someone should be along shortly with a better understanding of anduril and the FW saga.

make sure to tighten the head and tailcap perhaps its not making proper contact. the FW lights are great but they are too sensitive to smallest things and not working proper.

It cant hurt to try another battery just to rule out the first.

Sounds like there is no contact in the main body tube, so the momentary switch is activating a very low, momentary moonlight. I recommend seeing the helpful information in this thread