Lumintop FW3A 18650, in other battery configurations -- anyone here still using theirs? (18350, 18500)

The Lumintop FW3A was the first successful mass produced Anduril UI flashlight. It had a touchy start, but when you got yours working right it was terrific… albeit a hot-rod, in that it would overheat in fairly short order (forcing step down). Of course, there were some decent emitter choices at the time, but that option set has been left behind. There are so many attractive alternatives available today.

But now of course the FW3A is discontinued. In fact, on the Lumintop Online store site, you can buy just an 18350 body and a diffuser.

Speaking of 18350, I tried to use it with my FW3A. I had a second one from the 2nd production batch that introduced the retaining ring on the tail cap. And it was a headache. I tried both an aluminum and a copper 18350 tube. And both were flaky. I found every time I did a battery swap, the inner tube would have trouble making good contact, often shorting out that triggered the driver to ramp up to turbo, or as manual ramping reached a certain output level, the light would cut out. Also, sometimes flaky connections would confuse the driver and screw up the function that required a full reset. So I abandoned 18350 and went 18500. I just wanted my 2nd FW3A in a shorter format. The 18500 is actually really nice and more pocket friendly, while delivering a good boost on mAh over 18350. But… all has not been so rosy. I’m so used to doing manual lockouts on my 18650 FW3A… but doing them on the 18500 would occasionally trip up and cause a short. After a good thorough contact cleaning on my 18500, I’ve stopped using mechanical lockouts and just rely upon electronic.

In walks in the Wurkkos TS10. And this light is spectacular. True, it’s only 14500, but does nicely with a Vapcell 1000mAh cell. My FW3A with 18500 has a Vapcell 1500mAh cell. So yes, 50% more mAh… but at the sacrifice of being 0.25" longer, wider tube, and heavier.

So for EDC, my TS10 wins out. My FW3As gather dust. I do use my FW3A 18650 when I want more output in my pocket (pretty much double the TS10). But smaller form factor FW3A? Well, in my book… obsolete.

I EDC a 18650 FW3A, I currently own 10 of them.
I have a 18350 tube but the stock clip doesn’t quite work with it:

I don’t own any 18500 batteries and for me the 18650 FW3A is nearly perfect.

I do own 2 FWAA as well and they are kind of growing on me.

I’m one of the few that just isn’t into the TS10.
I currently own a Brass one but I’ve sold 2 others

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I have a 18350 tube on a fw1a with cslnm1 and smooth reflector for a mini thrower. Works good.

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