Lumintop GT Mini button response issue

Hi Members,
my GT Mini’s button never worked perfectly. Got the light as gift, there was nowhere to go for warranty.
Now it got working randomly, one fifth click is responded by the light - approximately.
Did somebody of you encounter this problem? Have you got an instruction on how to remove the button cap?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Thank you forummate, when the light was new an insider - don’t remember who he was - said these problems come due to the special rubber button. It should have installed accurately to have the illuminated smiley along the light axis. If there was a minor angle the button would not work properly. I would like to try aligning the rubber button, but I need to access it first.

the gt mini has to go have the worst button ever on a flashlight, when i got mine long ago from neal i got a replacement head shortly after and its been ok but i thought they fixed this on newer version of this light?

I think mine comes from early times of GT Mini.

I’m sorry to learn it’s a general issue. I’m afraid it’s the result of the design which put a logo (a smiley) on the button and it only works when properly positioned. Perhaps people who assembled these lights were not fully aware of this.

I would like to hear from those who have Lumintop GT Mini Pro: Any malfunctioning of the switch?

I have the GT Mini Pro on my Black Friday shopping list. :innocent:

I’m sorry to bump an older thread. Was there a fix for GT mini pro’s button ? Cause my Mini pro doesn’t turn on at all anymore. it’s been like this for about 2 and 1/2 3 months and I’ve only had the flashlight about six months and there’s no click whatsoever on the button anymore when you push the button there’s no click and it worked fine and one day and just stopped so I really feel like its the button. So if there’s a fix can someone pass it along to me so that I can fix my flashlight here. I really like this flashlight well I mean I did when it worked. I won’t be able to buy another one I’m only allotted of so many flashlights per year by my girlfriend. I went all in on these Lumintop about 6 months aga when I got the GT mini pro. I got a micro and 2 nanus. ( one of the nanu isn’t working right either ?). Anyways thanks in advance.

I managed to remove the rim / bezel around the button silicone cap. Did it so that removed the battery tube, stood the light on the front and used a big, sharp knife to gently hammer it between the bezel and the body and then prying out the bezel a little bit. When there was a little gap already I could carry on with smaller tools to go round and round and gently prying out the bezel completely. The silicone cap came free and I could reach the button itself. I could operate the light with the naked button, the cause of the problems was the improperly assembled rubber cap. Unfortunately the permanent pressure as consequence of improper assembly has damaged the switch so it never worked again as it’s supposed to. I stopped at this point, I guess from here I could get the driver panel with the switch out, but I did not get that far yet. Put my light away and may be I will continue the repair later. I will need to heat the thread that holds the bezel, remove the bezel, it may take some tricks, immediately put a sticker on the reflector’s back hole to avoid dust getting in, solder off the power wires from the led panel, I don’t know what steps follow.

Hey thanks for the reply. I’m gonna try what you did only after I contact lumintop and see what they’re going to do about it cuz this is some bullshit I just bought flashlight. It just so happens I got a broken nano too so you know. I’m thinking Lumintop is gonna have some warranting to do.

But if they won’t I’m going to what you did and see if I can’t make it work for myself so once again thanks for your reply I appreciate it very much in fact…

I could reach the button but my light is not fixed. So, you are right by finding official solution first.

So in my need to resolve the issue of the button on my new GT mini pro. I wrote to lumintops customer service via their website. It was during the holidays so I didn’t panic or get upset that it took them a little more the 2 weeks to respond to me. They said they would be happy to look at the flashlight and fix it if it was a warranty issue. All I needed to do was send the flashlight to them somewhere in China.

I thought about it and responded to them asking if I could make a video showing them what the problem was. As I was sure it was something warranty would cover. At which time if they decided it was warranty. I’d then send them the flashlight and they could upon proof of me mailing the broken light to them. They could send me my new light. I’d done this type of warranty return with another company out of China. DJI. They make top of the line drones that cost much more then a $50 flashlight. It was quick and efficient. In my mind I was thinking I don’t have an open account somewhere or I’ve never mailed anything to China in my life and I know it with them who mail things to America all the time. It takes three weeks to get here bare minimum. So me my first time mailing something to China. I’m thinking it’s going to not only cost me a fortune but it’s going to take 4-6 weeks to get there. Then when they receive it. It’s going to sit in their mail room or a PO Box for 2-3 weeks before they acknowledge receipt. Then they’ll put it in some pile of other flashlights that they have for warranty for another 4-6 weeks before they look at it and then another 3 weeks once they send me a new one. I’m thinking it’s going to be at least 3-4 months before I get this new light and god only knows how much it’ll actually cost to send it to China. And I explained this to them. This is about three weeks ago. I have yet to even hear back from them…

So tonight after having read previous post in this thread I decided you know what If it’s an alignment issue then just going to rip that little piece of rubber off. Then use my pinki finger to push the button on and off. I’ll live with it like that till a better solution presents itself…

So I removed a little rubber piece over the button and it’s not an alignment issue at all. The buttons actually broke. I’ll try to post the pictures. If i can You can look at the pictures and you’ll see what I’m talking about but the top half of the button actually came off and you need to push it down to make contact to complete the circuit which then activates the light. Super simple design. Super simple, super cheap and super easy to break I guess cuz I was never rough with this light and yet there it is broken.

I hope this helps anybody in the future as the same issue. I think it was correct in my assumptions about how long it would take to mail it and how long it would take to get it back. I think that they count on that and it discourages people from actually using their warranty. Then I could be completely wrong about thier turn around times. But then they have yet to tell me I’m wrong by responding to my email. I know personally I’ll never buy one of their lights again. As I have that is very moment. Two gt nano( 1 of them is broken ) a GT micro and of course the GT mini pro. I only mention this to show I’m not a one time buyer. I have well over 50 flashlights and I’m always looking for a new one.

I hope this post isn’t too long and I was able to describe the problem with the button and my frustration with thier lack of communication and lastly thier policy with sending back the light to them. I wonder has anyone else sent thier light to China if so what was the cost and turn around time…