Lumintop GT nano on the way

a pic i took Oct 2019 when i was in the factory ;)

and yes - i am already pulling some strings

Great to hear!!!

Drop the driver! Make it on/off direct drive! :smiling_imp:

yeah go for 1 mode, turbo only… no fancy ui needed… :heart_eyes:

I am tempeted to say “I’m in” for a simpler FW / user interface if that means spitting this light out :wink:

Making of 10 mm Andruil driver just became much easier because gchart implemented Andruil support for Attiny1616 - and Attiny1616 is is 3x3 mm.
So it’s possible to just take MTN-10DD and replace the MCU, only modifying some traces around it.

Drop the driver and side switch, make it a twist light instead. I would love to carry something like this in the keychain. Like a four sevens mini MKII form factor but larger head.

think it was supposed to only run on 10440 battery… otherwise too weak output…

i still hope they make this light, even with basic UI on/off mode or something… would still be a cool mini-thrower since there are no others that i can think of really in this size…

M4D M4X can u see what lumintop says on this or did they put in on hold ??

they definitely noticed the demand and also that many would be fine with simple UI

but I guess other projects are first

i agree, a simple 3, 2 or even 1 mode or a twisty GT nano would be beter then no GT nano, i need sumething this small en cute in my life :smiley:

Simple UI is fine, but Anduril is better.

Raw aluminium would be nice , With anodisation it would scratch up quickly against keys in pockets and look tatty.

3 mode twisty , Always starting on moon light/low ,no memory.

we all agree but if its technical nightmare to achieve its better to do its simpler if it means the light would be made and not just stay on paper as a cool gimmick.

im told its making the driver that small or something its the big issue…. not sure lumen numbers, but i guess 300 or higher but it depends which emitter it would use? otherwise it would be a weak thrower even with a normal aaa battery u cant get much really from it…

If this light is 10440 only, and the driver a fet design, the driver can be tiny whith the output direct drive, no problem there.

Since the pandemic started I stopped buying flashlights and started saving more money. But if this flashlight comes out I will buy it.

Hey, is there an official interest list for the GT Nano yet? I’d like to be down for any potential group buy in the future, looks like a lovely keychain thrower and a great nod to the family.

Apologies if I’m in the wrong place, new to BLF group buys. Cheers!

not atm

we placed the demand - but i did not hear about a start

no worries, I’ll sit tight for future news. Thanks!

will there be a gt pico?