Lumintop LM-10, tail cap removal -- suggestions?

I know the instructions emphasize changing the battery from the front, but what if you want to get access to the inner tailcap components? There’s no indication in the manual of how to disassemble the flashlight. I find the click sensitivity a bit high and I’d like to buffer it with an o-ring as I did with my FW3A. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the tail cap apart. I examined the body with a magnifier and the two “seams” that you’d expect might be the end of the center tube turn out to be just indents. So then there’s the crenelated piece surrounding the switch… partially blocked on 2 sides by the body. That looks like it might turn but it wouldn’t budge when I tried it with swatches of rubber. Is that how the tail cap comes apart?

Looks like the crenulated part unscrews first.

Crenulated part is a screw on. Unscrew it and button with board will fall out. But you still cannot put battery inside


Just unscrew the crenelated part. It is a retaining ring that holds in the switch button, button boot and switch board.

On mine it was a little stiff. There is no threadlocker, but there is an o-ring providing friction.

I stuck a square of 3M safety walk tape to the back of the light, pressed the back of the light into the palm of my left hand and turned with my right. The retaining ring came right out.

the switch mechanism is the same as on the FW3A. The o-ring mod works with it.

Great—thanks for that. My criteria didn’t include “teardown,” so that’s why I missed it. Mine is on really tight, but at least I know what to focus on!

Yes, I figured as much that the battery cannot be inserted this way. In some respects, perhaps this tube design should’ve been used for the FW3A so that makes wouldn’t be make. Even with the retaining ring, some folks have had connectivity issues because of how the inner tube mated with the tail cap.

Good to know—thanks!

Well, I tried with fingers first. Tore two thumbnails. Tried rubber swatches, rubber gloves… no budging. It’s like the crenelated bezel is glued in place.

If I had it in hand I would sketch up and 3d print a tool to remove the bezel. I’ve done that with another light.

You might try to put it in the freezer for a little while, then work quickly to when you remove it to try and get it off before condensation makes it too slippery.