Lumintop on AliExpress

They arre having a 42% off sale on some items.

Beware those prices!

They raised the “normal” prices to sell their products “on sale” by the same price as before!
That is what I call “fool the inattentive customer”… :expressionless:

I’ve been following their store once I noticed that, so beware those manipulations of prices! And other flashlights stores made the same… :zipper_mouth_face:

They did exactly the same as all the others.
Raise the price, so that the discount seems big, but in reality, it’s just pennys.

I strictly don’t buy stuff on AE within a “Sale” - I like to pay 20 Pence more but don’t feel cheated :smiley:

Yup, you’re right! Went to check my “to buy” list and confirmed, just some cents lower sometimes (when it happens) :person_facepalming:

People that arrive now to the “on sale” week may feel “WOWed” but in fact the prices don’t lower much (when they do…)!
So…beware :money_mouth_face:

It seemed to me that $14.94 for a AAA Tool and $9.89 for a mini worm are good prices. Where can I get as cheap normally?

The thing is that these are normally their prices on the store, hence my warning!
If you check the “normal prices” . Ex: “normal price” stated as 15,70€ > “on sale price” stated as 8,16€.
The “normal price of the Worm is not 15,70€, it is around 8-9€. That is the reason why I said it mate !
But these are nice prices, specially because that light is probably discontinued.

They did the same thing for Amazon Prime Day, too.

And if we take a look to this thread - by Sofirn - we will se the same type of comments being done here :person_facepalming:

Is the Sofin SF 10 a goodeal at $6.12?

I don’t keeep up with these things as many do so I am asking honestly. I have no particular love for AliExpress.

Thanks, Jerry

I can’t remember the current UI, but that is a well built flashlight, normally the tint is WW (sometimes more rosy, sometimes more yellowish), but in general is a good light. I remember it had some PWM , don’t know if its like that currently!
I modded mine and is one of the lights I use almost everyday due to its nice host!

Thanks, I was wondering if $6.12 is a good price,

Yup it is, considering it is not a recently launched light but is still a good light :wink:

The worm is discontinued, replaced by the EDC01, normal price $9.98 on Amazon.

Tool AAA is sold out on Banggood but is $11.95 and has been discontinued. You can find a few on ebay still but they are getting hard to find.

Thanks guys. I appreciate the info; Mymain problem with amazon is that I do not have Prime.

Beware AliExpres as a whole. If you ever have to dispute something purchased you didnt receive, showed up a month late or wasn’t even close to as advertised, they will settle on the side of the seller nearly always. Their dispute resolution and customer service is absolutely horrible. Never will they get another penny from me.
If you are looking for something in particular or just looking to take advantage of deals, this forum has memebrs with codes and excellent deals!

There are still some “Worms” on AliExpress :smiley:

I don’t really trust any of the Chinese dealers. I just asume I will lose some of my money if there is a dispute. Mostly I have done OK.
I don’t buy expensive lights. In general I do not buy lights that cost over 12-15 bucks. I much prefer under $10.

:smiley: Apparently. I am kind of in the boat with the other guy. I don’t really deal with Ali unless it’s Sofirns store. I grabbed a SS worm before they discontinued them. Gave it away as a gift. Now wish I still had it. Oh well, I have lots of lights like that. I’m sure we all do.

Well, I can’t confirm that.

All you have to do, is to keep the dispute open, don’t close it.
The seller will say things like “I will resend, pls close dispute” And if you close it, you can’t reopen it and the seller won’t ship anything.
If you keep the dispute open, the seller gets punishment (in what form idk) from AE - after a while, they will pretty much always give you what you want.

I currently have 862 orders on record on AE and are a Diamond Member even thought I pretty much only buy cheap stuff <10$.

Of course some of the stuff is crap, but pretty much always I knew that before I bought it. Of course some orders never arrive, but that’s sub 1% for me and nearly always extremely cheap stuff <1$ because of the cheapest and worst shipping in the world.

Also you should look out for sellers with some feedback - if I search for something, I always sort for “orders” - and if I found something, I look at the Top-Sellers of the store - More stuff = bigger package (less likely to get lost) and better shipping

I have had sellers dispute my proof on Aliexpress even though it’s crystal clear and be on the wrong end of resolution. Or, I keep the dispute open and argue message after message and still get no resolution. My first experience with AliExpress was a bad one with a couple of C8s that were supposed to 7135*8 guts and XPL LEDS. They arrived with a generic driver board and XM-L2 LEDS. I provided proof side by side with the correct drivers and pictures of obvious XM-L LEDs. I didn’t get a refund.
It seems if the seller takes PayPal, a resolution is possible. If they don’t take PayPal, good luck. Anyway, i am only warning or my latest experiences and generally bad taste.