Lumintop Tool AA - Quickie

Funny: the first I got has that X on the back and it is too soft! If I force it, it will break!
The ones I received today don’t have the X and are pretty sturdy!
The material is 3CR13 Stainless Steel and is tough! I won’t break this easily…I may need some cutting tool to make that!

I had various qualities too. The more expensive ones are worth the extra pennies.
Big difference, I really like them for pocket lights.

Can it tailstand with the clip screwed on?

I added dc-fix to my modded tool today, nice for indoors use. Makes the purple color from the AR coated lens disappear.

yeah i’m using a protected cell, and seeing some bad pwm on low, medium has it also, not seeing it on high, this has probably been answered already, but I just noticed it. On low the flicker is pretty bad and distracting, kind of disappointing. It’s a decent light that comes with a lot of accessories so I think its still a good value but there is room for improvement, would like a stronger clip and better output as well.

Sorry, I forgot to answer your question :person_facepalming:
It does tailstand but not completely stable. However, I guess I can re-work that a little bit! It does hang while pointed up, though, but if you shake the table or something, it is probable that it tens to the sides.

I’ve been using mine with a TIR lens above a Luxeon V (4000K, I guess), ideal for indoor use due to the nice tint it has :wink:
I do like the XPL-HI NW LEDs. I recently moded a Sofirn SP10B with one (and sort of bypassed the spring…) and even with a OP reflector, that thing illumuniates a looot :open_mouth:

I think yours, with SMO reflector must be that nice as well :smiley:

Yup, it has that PWM on L and M modes. On high it doesn’t have.
But the issue I was reporting was different, though! The PWM I couldn’t see it naked eye, but that was a different flicker, maybe related to the battery or some other stuff!
I like the form of this light, I hope LT offers these with a e-switch and ramping UI :wink:
Meanwhile, mine has Crescendo FW and a Luxeon V + TIR and only takes 14500’s now!
And a different clip would be better as you and many other here said !

LT, come on, step forward on this :smiling_imp:

Just noticed this on Lumintop site:

New version of the Tool AA with 4 modes and strobe. 650 Lumens max!