Lumintop Tool AA - Quickie

This light was provided by BangGood for review.

The next iteration of the Tool is just as great as the first, in my opinion. The Lumintop Tool AAA is known for being a great bang for your buck. You got a quality light at a decent price, and its available with different LED choices and body material choices. The Tool AA looks to be another winner. The same great light made bigger and better. I prefer AA lights for EDC. They provide a great amount of light in a package that I consider the right size for EDC. It comes in a nice little plastic case with the light, diffuser, lanyard, clicky tail cap(installed), pocket clip (installed and a flat twist style tail cap that contains a magnet. With the flat cap, you turn the light into a twist operation light but you gain the ability to mount it places with the magnet when needed.

A simple high, medium, low UI is all you get here with a reverse clicky switch. It always comes on in low and while on a light press progresses the mode. My example was a nice cool white color (which I prefer) with an even beam pattern that didn’t contain any artifacts or noticeable/distracting rings. On a standard Eneloop it lived up to Lumintop’s runtime claims. I’m not normally a fan of press/snap on pocket clips unless they are done well, and this one is. After pushing it over the body it holds secure and doesn’t slide around on you. The clip itself is sturdy and stays where you clip it.

At around $22 it is tough to beat this light. If you are looking for a simple, quality light that will perform well and won’t break the bank then this is the light for you. It offers a lot of options for not a lot of money and especially if you don’t want, need or can live without strobe/sos, mode memory or electronic

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Nice job.

Nice review, thanks!
Do you have any other AA flashlights for size comparison?

Very good light. Can you confirm if it has pwm?

The spring on the magnetic tailcap looks a little jinky, and why two different colors on the tailcap springs? I like the looks of the knurling a lot

… not that I’d ever use the lanyard or magnetic tailcap anyway.

The spring on the magnetic tailcap looks a little jinky, and why two different colors on the tailcap springs? I like the looks of the knurling a lot
…… purple lanyard?

… not that I’d ever use the lanyard or magnetic tailcap anyway.

Nice review! I haven’t used mine a lot yet, but I like it (despite the things that could be improved of course)!
But its nice too see the distance it reaches :wink:
For these shots, were you using Li-Ion cells, Ni-MH or alkalines?

This pictures were taken with a standard Eneloop Ni-MH cell.
The springs in both tail caps are pretty sturdy.
The magnetic cap has a provision for a lanyard similar to the clicky cap.
The lanyard is indeed purple and not the nicest thing in the world but definitely not the worst one I’ve seen.

Vs. Sunwayman V11r

Vs. Tool AAA

Vs. Tool AAA Ti

Vs. Olight S1

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Thanks A-MAC!

Thanks A-MAC! If with Ni-MH it goes that further, with Li-Ion it will probably go even further in illumination :wink:
And that lanyard…it really makes a colour contrast with the flashlight :smiley:

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Mine just arrived today, along with a Utorch UT01 and Klarus Mi7. Purchased the UT01 for myself, and the Lumintop and Klarus as gifts. My reasoning was that I liked the neutral white option on the UT01, but the combination of an e-switch (making parasitic drain a concern) and inability to use protected 14500s made it a poor gift choice. So I got the Lumintop and Klarus for Christmas gifts, as they both support protected batteries, making them a little safer for people inexperienced with Li-Ion batteries.

Anyway, here are some quick comparisons:

Thanks A-MAC for the code. I can confirm it’s still active. Now I’m giving five away, and getting one for me, only a couple dollars more!

Personally, I’m a really big fan of the Tool-AAA’s reversible pocket clip that allows me to put the light on the brim of my hat for an instant headlamp. The Tool AA, being heavier, may require a more sturdy hat-brim. I’ll find out pretty soon.

Just to confirm, Are the recommended batteries 14500 protected button-top ONLY? Or will un-protected flat-top work as well?

Correction! Six with a coupon code is the exact same price as five without a coupon.
It’s a buy-5-get-one-free code!

I assume the answer is YES the AA Tool has PWM like the AA Maratac.
(I hope someone qualified to do the test, proves my assumption mistooken)

disclaimer, I have not yet seen anyone report having tested an AA Tool for PWM
(many people don’t care, or don’t know how, in fact some people don’t even know what it is)

Post #145 in this thread seems to confirm PWM in the Tool AA.

Yes PWM On the toolAA:

Despite being confirmed, already:


Nice review, and thanks for the code!

thanks! very nice work capturing the PWM… I have added the Tool AA to the
List of Lights with PWM (and Constant Current lights with PWM like pulses, such as Zebralight)